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Dear local nonprofits, government entities and aspiring community builders,

Look at you! We know you have big ideas and plans for making the Humboldt world better and booming in 2013, dontcha? Only one problem: Some jerk went and cut down all the money trees. If only there was a big ball of cash somewhere designated for local dreamers.

Oh ya! The Headwaters Fund!

Since 2003, the Headwaters Fund has been doling out dollars for Hum-centric community development-minded projects. Just this last year, it awarded a $70,000 grant to develop a Humboldt Aquaculture Innovation Center and $25,000 to spruce up the Creamery District in Arcata.

You want in on the moolah? The next deadline for grant applications is Feb. 1. With a possible $200,000 to be awarded -- priority to projects that “provide sites for businesses to locate” and/or “help businesses navigate the regulatory system and economic development infrastructure” -- the time to flex your grant-writin’ muscles is now!

“But grant-writing is hard and I need help!” you say? Well, who better to help you secure free money than the folks that you’ll be asking for the money from? Thus, there will be a Headwaters Fund grant writing workshop at Humboldt Area Foundation on Tuesday, Jan. 8, from 9 to 11 a.m. Underfunded visionaries have the opportunity to pick the brains of Headwaters staff and board members on the best ways to frame your plan for a better Humboldt.

Don’t mess this up! We’re all counting on you. For more info, direct your eyes and fingers towards

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