'Tis the Season for Tamales

'Tis the Season for Tamales

Where to hunt them down right now

(December 13, 2018) Even though tamales can be found and eaten year-round, it's the tamales at Christmas that are rooted in the Mexican holiday tradition. Food anthropologist Mario Montano, a professor at Colorado...

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Huckleberry Scones

Bake them while the picking's good

(December 6, 2018) The sun was still warm on a crisp November afternoon. With buckets and gloves, we were on our fourth huckleberry picking trip of the season. Surrounded by fresh air and...

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Hum Plate Roundup

Breakfast clubbing

(November 29, 2018) Waffling in Rio Dell Pull up to the Root 101 Nursery (770 Wildwood Ave., Rio Dell) and instead of soil you may smell waffles. Tucked in the corner of the...

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And the season of atole

(November 22, 2018) As the weather gets colder, the drinks get warmer. While I do appreciate a good seasonal drink, I'm not talking about pumpkin-spice-anything. It's time to let atole warm up your...

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The Holiday Pie Divide

Make it sweet potato pie

(November 15, 2018) Like many of you, my family ate pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. But I never dug it. Pumpkin pie was typically bland and one dimensional, so I usually just skipped dessert...

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Cambodian Community, Doughnuts and Prahok

And a Khmer eggplant and pork smoke-out

(November 8, 2018) Usually I'm more than excited when a fellow Southeast Asian has won an award for culinary prowess but, this time around, I wasn't amused. Humboldt residents, you voted for a...

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Hum Plate Roundup

Unexpected delights

(November 1, 2018) Boat to table Long have we enjoyed the hefty sandwiches and stacked, house-ground burgers at Arcata Pizza and Deli. They're almost enough to hinder exploring the rest of the chalkboard...

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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Mr. Fish calls it quits

(October 25, 2018) Rope nets and glass floats and wooden buoys drift among the overhead shelving, and a trio of wire fish twist on fishing line strung from the ceiling of the crowded...

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A Cook's Book Club

And a Russian egg salad

(October 18, 2018) My cooking is variously inspired by seasonal produce, memories of people or places, cravings for specific ingredients or dishes, and reading. Yes, you read that last one right. For the...

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Sweet Reward

After 25 years, a chocolatier has his own shop

(October 11, 2018) Kenneth Buntin smiles down at the row of new chocolates in the case, domes of milk and dark chocolate filled with ganache-like old fashioned creams — orange, hazelnut, vanilla, ginger...

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Stuffed, Rolled and Fried

Scallion pancakes with ground beef

(October 4, 2018) My kids would probably say I'm the best mom ever if I brought them hot lunch at school every day but I don't. Once in a while, though, I do...

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Quinoa's Boom and Bust

Humboldt farmers face uncertain future

(September 27, 2018) Let's say you first heard of quinoa reading about the winner of a local recipe contest and you decide to try making the new dish for dinner. They call quinoa...

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Give Me My Flowers So I Can Eat Them

Mexican squash blossoms and amaranth greens at the Farmers' Market

(September 20, 2018) Ripe tomatoes, aromatic herbs, and sweet melons. Every late summer, most of us can expect to find our favorites at the farmers' market. But some of the season's treasures are...

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The Price of a Burger

Figuring out cost per plate (almost) like a pro

(September 13, 2018) How much should your burger cost? Unless you've worked in the restaurant business, your sense of what your food is worth is largely intuitive, a range drawn from what...

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The Bird and the Brine

A lesson in making the best chicken ever

(September 6, 2018) I have the best chicken recipe for you all. But before you start on this journey, you must have experienced the trial and error of making a bad chicken. Failing...

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The Colonel Comes Back to Eureka

From the ashes of the Blue Heron rises fried chicken

(August 30, 2018) On Aug. 20, real estate agent Don Chin of Community Realty set tongues wagging and mouths watering when he posted on Facebook that escrow had just closed on a vacant...

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