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Eureka citizens are concerned about the quality of life on their streets and the future that will be offered to their children. Our current representative on the board of supervisors doesn't seem to understand what qualities provide for a healthy and prosperous future for the community. The concerns of land speculators and developers do not match the needs of the citizens. Chris Kerrigan supports development within existing neighborhoods, as opposed to resource lands on the outskirts of the county. Chris Kerrigan is the only candidate who understands the need to create a safe, walkable city. He rightly reminds us that employers want to come to areas where people want to be: places where their lives are not threatened by every trip to the store be it by car or walking.

Kathy Srabian, Eureka


Chris Kerrigan is smart, thoughtful, and aware of the issues that are important for this county. I walked the city door-to-door with him and listened as he shared his vision with voters in my district. Chris will bring progressive values to the board instead of being the mouthpiece for moneyed supporters that think only of their own interests — not the common interest.

Chris understands that we need to concentrate growth in the populated centers where the support services are instead of allowing more development in the rural agricultural and timber lands. He will also work on improving our core neighborhoods as he did for eight years as our city councilman, building the trail system throughout our county, increasing fair wage jobs, maximizing the economic values of our local resources and protecting our way of life on the beautiful North Coast.

Please vote for Chris Kerrigan for 4th District Supervisor; we need him!

Uma Bingham, Eureka


When I first got to know Chris Kerrigan as he ran for City Council in 2000, he instantly struck me as someone who was beyond his years both in the depth of his knowledge and his desire to be involved in local politics. I witnessed firsthand his genuine compassion for the people of this community and his selfless pursuit of a better Eureka. I was ecstatic to learn that he would be running for Humboldt County supervisor.

His passion for this area and the people that live here is contagious — so much so that I have been volunteering three nights a week with the campaign. Through that I have had the benefit of speaking with numerous residents of the 4th District, and it is clear that the people of Humboldt County hunger for a break from the status quo. Chris Kerrigan is the right person for the job.

Derek Glavich, Eureka


Do you want good housing for people of all income levels within our county? Do you want access to trails, and open spaces that will be preserved for future generations? Do you want knowledgeable leaders who are responsive to their citizenry, not to special interests? If yes, consider Chris Kerrigan, a candidate with a record of committed and caring public service.

The other choice for 4th District supervisor repeatedly votes for the interests of the developers and land speculators who paid for her to be in office. Her Planning Commission appointees ripped out a string of environmental protections from the GPU. Neither she, nor they, support trails or even investing in our cities.

Chris Kerrigan is running in the 4th District, but on the Board of Supervisors he will serve the entire county. Even if you can't vote for him, I urge you to support his campaign.

Margaret Shaffer, Arcata


The election, scheduled for June 3, is very important for Humboldt County. We are victim of the anti-democracy legal decision that money is speech.

Money does not speak, it swears.

For Humboldt County, the profanity is in the sabotage of the general plan. This document was formed with the input of hundreds of people who wrote letters, attended public forums and debated the issues for years. The members of the Gang of Four supervisors have made it their primary objective to gut the plan in favor of a wealthy minority with vested interests in the outcome. The Gang is moving to reverse the work of all of us to benefit their masters.

Chris Kerrigan is clearly the best candidate for 4th District supervisor. His actions as a public representative speak volumes of his qualifications. He will help restore balance to the board of supervisors.

Michael A. Tout, Eureka


Especially at this time, when our county's General Plan Update is finalizing policies for land use for the next 20 years, we need a board of supervisors with vision and courage. We need them to stand up to all of our personal self-serving and short term interests, and guide us in protecting the health and productivity of our land for the benefit of the whole community, and for the sake of future generations. We need them to seek out and understand the most qualified experts, who know how to find the best information and adapt it to our particular region, people, and future prospects. And we need them to give us the assurance that we have all had the opportunity to be heard and respected.

Because of her life experience, training, and freedom from economic obligations in this community, I believe Sharon Latour can do this for the 5th District.

Joyce King, McKinleyville


Virginia Bass, I'm told, is a nice person. I once thought so. This campaign has changed my mind. Her candidates statement makes dishonest claims, claims that she created jobs because of two Headwaters grants. Supervisors only give final approval of grants, they don't do anything else and certainly can't take credit for jobs created. One of the grants she lays claim to will not, according to the director of the Economic Development Department, even produce any new jobs. Doesn't she have any real accomplishments to point to?

She was just endorsed by the Building and Construction Trades Council. Since builders, land speculators and developers are who put her in office, and she has served them well in return, that endorsement makes sense.

I'm tired of politicians who are bought and paid for. I want someone with integrity who really cares about our future. I will be voting for Chris Kerrigan.

Sylvia De Rooy, Eureka


Sharon Latour is running for 5th District supervisor for two reasons — she wants to ensure that democracy is alive and well with more than one person running for an office, and she is very concerned about the General Plan Update.

I was appalled to read in the April 10 issue of the Times Standard, that there are currently six local waterways containing high levels of fecal bacteria. This can become a health risk — both to recreational users at places like Moonstone Beach, and to our local oyster industry. Sharon Latour has vowed to do everything to make sure Humboldt County is a healthy place to live — not just for people, but for wildlife too. It is vital that the General Plan Update ensures this (rather than being comprised as is proposed at the present time.)

Sharon's integrity and leadership cannot be surpassed. Vote for her for 5th District supervisor.

Patricia Thornburgh, Arcata

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