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A visiting friend just shared a copy of the Journal with me. I no longer live in California but can not get through this day without commenting on your "Canni-bias" article (April 19).

Tony Smithers' comment about millennials and wanting "to reach that new generation of consumers ..." (via heavy marketing of marijuana, pot, or to be politically correct, "cannabis") is among the most idiotic things I've ever read. Specifically, because it follows what he said just before that: "(millennials) will prioritize travel over buying a house, paying bills, student loans." So, apparently, his wisdom is to market pot and further add to irresponsible behavior, debt and use of what little money they might have? Brilliant idea. As the saying goes, "He must be smoking something."

Never mind what Smithers said about the baby boomers and alluding to the idea of scooping up their "disposable income."

Smithers is obviously all about money and cares nothing for the long-term wellbeing of fellow human beings; and more specifically, "kids," as is anyone else who agrees with his plot. As the cannabis growers and dispensers gather more wealth, the kids, along with users of any age, get thinner wallets as their earnings either go up in "smoke" or simply go to "waste." Pun intended.

As drug use everywhere grows, I feel sorrow and heartache for the younger generations who arrive on the scene to potentially see fewer responsible, clear-thinking and maybe even poorer and poorer-educated adults in important and necessary roles to make the world function. The vital role of parenting and the medical field immediately come to mind. How very sad.

Of course it does seem small to some, but many perceive the use of drugs as another rung lower in the downward spiral of humankind, regardless of what you call it or how pretty you package it. May God save us from ourselves.

Humboldt County is not the only location with beautiful trees and natural surroundings. To comment on one of your survey questions, I would feel less safe on your roads and less comfortable in general with your increased sale and push of recreational use of cannabis. Some folks still have, and would like to keep, their brain cells.

I love the wonder and beauty of nature but I will not visit Humboldt to see it.

Sharon Schlotzhauer, Monument, Colorado

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