Humboldt County is home to the eclectic, the creative, the bold and the daring. Within its borders thrive peace-seekers, adventurers, makers and innovators whose endeavors are inspired by the natural landscape and fostered by the community. The region boasts more artists per-capita than any other county in California and promotes the arts through festivals, on-going art walks and street fairs. Following the lead of the Back-to-the-Landers who sought refuge in Humboldt in the 1960s, the area is also a haven for sustainable business and for the environmentally conscious. Its no surprise that the county's pristine beauty attracts visitors but the colorful local culture has become a destination, in and of itself.



Sharpening your skills at the
Hatchet House Throwing Club

(October 16, 2019) Arcata's newest attraction is competitive, cheaper than therapy and right down the street. All you need to enjoy an unconventional twist on family fun is a pair of closed-toed...

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Sonny Wong

And his street art evolution

(October 16, 2019) Making aesthetic judgements is notoriously tough and rankings can be poorly received. Take mythology: When Marsyas and Arachne claimed to be numero uno at playing the flute and weaving,...

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the Trinity

A river with personality

(July 30, 2019) Recreational whitewater rafting likely began in the 1940s on Wyoming's Snake River, when some intrepid argonauts saw a wooden boat, a gnarled mash of rocks and roiling, swift water,...

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A Charmed Life
in Rio Dell

Mayor Debra Garnes and
the beauty of the small town

(July 30, 2019) Standing on the river bar, Debra Garnes squints in the sun, a pair of triangle abalone earrings glint at her neck. She waves her left arm to indicate the...

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Stargazing on
the North Coast

Under the Milky Way

(April 18, 2019) Without the glare of city lights, starlight casts its soft glow on the landscape. In rural Humboldt County, the dark skies are filled with an unfathomable number of stars...

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The Foggy Bottoms Boys

Keeping sustainable traditions in Ferndale

(April 18, 2019) Down a winding unpaved road on the outskirts of the Victorian Village of Ferndale, you'll find a farm nestled among many others in a verdant, fertile valley. This farm...

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Blue Lake Casino Bets
on Sustainable Fun

Eco-friendly jackpot

(April 18, 2019) A man pulls down hard on a lever and watches as each reel on his slot machine spins and stops: one, two, three. He misses a jackpot by just...

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