Humboldt County is home to the eclectic, the creative, the bold and the daring. Within its borders thrive peace-seekers, adventurers, makers and innovators whose endeavors are inspired by the natural landscape and fostered by the community. The region boasts more artists per-capita than any other county in California and promotes the arts through festivals, on-going art walks and street fairs. Following the lead of the Back-to-the-Landers who sought refuge in Humboldt in the 1960s, the area is also a haven for sustainable business and for the environmentally conscious. Its no surprise that the county's pristine beauty attracts visitors but the colorful local culture has become a destination, in and of itself.


Ink in the Blood

Henry Krüger of Sailor’s Grave Tattoo

(January 16, 2020) On Sept. 1, 1994, Henry Krüger worked his first day as a professional tattoo artist. But that was hardly the first time he had ever held a tattoo gun...

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Tattoo Humboldt

Three shops for beautiful body art

(January 16, 2020) Your nurse practitioner’s ankle, your personal trainer’s knuckles, the entirety of your contractor’s back; Humboldt is tattooed. To meet the county’s dermal demands, Humboldt has homegrown and imported a...

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Sharpening your skills at the
Hatchet House Throwing Club

(October 16, 2019) Arcata's newest attraction is competitive, cheaper than therapy and right down the street. All you need to enjoy an unconventional twist on family fun is a pair of closed-toed...

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Sonny Wong

And his street art evolution

(October 16, 2019) Making aesthetic judgements is notoriously tough and rankings can be poorly received. Take mythology: When Marsyas and Arachne claimed to be numero uno at playing the flute and weaving,...

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