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Re: “Bigfoot and the Trolls

Bindernagel bio and scientific qualifications: "John Bindernagel, PhD, is a Canadian biologist with over forty years of experience in wildlife research and conservation in North America and internationally. He was educated at the University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada) and at the University of Wisconsin (USA). After beginning his career in Canada in 1963, he worked internationally with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations from 1965 until 1991. During this time he worked and taught in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Central America. There he was involved in wildlife surveys, the preparation and implementation of wildlife management measures, and conservation education.3 Bindernagel's interest in the sasquatch, which began in 1965, influenced a family decision to relocate from central Canada to British Columbia in 1975. He continues to be involved in wildlife research and resides on Vancouver Island with his wife Joan. In this, his second book about the sasquatch, he explores the discovery of the sasquatch in the context of the philosophy and history of science."

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Posted by Steven Streufert Bookseller/BigfootBooks on 09/30/2010 at 2:33 PM

Re: “Bigfoot and the Trolls

More blurbs on Bindernagel's book: …one of the most brilliant pieces of work I have ever read. What a fabulous reminder of what science is and how science should be examining this issue… simply brilliant.” — Kathy Strain, Forest Archaeologist, U.S. Forest Service ——— This engrossing book explores two questions: (i) What is the evidence for a rare, large, secretive species of primate (or “great ape”) living in North America at present? (ii) Why do so many people who know of it disbelieve in it, ascribing reported sightings as tales by hoaxers or people who they think must have been hoaxed or deluded?…. Dr. Bindernagel presents opinions on these matters from a wide range of biologists, paleontologists, psychologists, sociologists, and others. A really good read, and an eye-opener for mindless believers and mindless disbelievers alike. — Chris Pielou, PhD, ecologist and author of After the Ice Age: the Return of Life to Glaciated North America, The Energy of Nature, and The World of Northern Evergreens

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Posted by Steven Streufert Bookseller/BigfootBooks on 09/30/2010 at 2:28 PM

Re: “Bigfoot and the Trolls

More EVIDENCE. Just out: In THE DISCOVERY OF THE SASQUATCH, biologist John Bindernagel reconsiders much of the prevailing knowledge regarding the sasquatch. Illustrating evidence which contradicts the widely held perception of the sasquatch as merely a cultural phenomenon—a myth, hallucination, imaginary being, misidentified bear, or hoax—he explains why criteria such as testability, consistency, predictive power, and simplicity actually support an alternative hypothesis: the sasquatch as an extant mammal. This is a book about the sasquatch, but it is more specifically about the discovery process. It examines scientific and social factors that can prevent discoveries from being recognized, particularly when a discovery claim is perceived as unlikely, premature, or without a theoretical basis. Bindernagel examines how these factors have affected our perceptions of the sasquatch, and how they may have influenced scientific attitudes toward this controversial subject. By reconciling the social and scientific components of discovery, he shows how the various forms of evidence for the sasquatch can be viewed in the context of a prolonged discovery process. In doing so, he provides a bold new perspective explaining the need to reconsider—and perhaps challenge—long-standing prevailing knowledge about the sasquatch. The Discovery of the Sasquatch offers important insights not only about a potentially uncataloged species, but also about the humans who have thus far declined to investigate it. Bindernagel's scholarship unlocks a door to discovery that was carelessly shut long ago, but now stands wide open, waiting for us to walk through. — from the Foreword by Leila Hadj-Chikh, PhD ——— John Bindernagel has given us a closely argued, cogent, convincing explanation why the evidence has not brought widespread acknowledgment that sasquatches are extant. In doing so he underscores how impressive that evidence actually is. This ingenious, insightful approach has increased drastically my personal estimate of the probability that sasquatch is an extant North American ape…. But the book’s value goes beyond the topic of sasquatch. Bindernagel illustrates the need to compare hypotheses, a salutary lesson. Most of us have or spare little time to look in depth at every interesting and controversial subject, so it’s easy to succumb to a lazy skepticism that accepts hoaxing, say, as an adequate explanation. But lazy skepticism is just laziness, not skepticism, and Bindernagel demonstrates just how farfetched the hoaxing hypothesis is in this instance…. People who like to think will love this book. — Henry Bauer, PhD, Dean Emeritus of Arts & Sciences, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry & Science Studies, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University ———

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Posted by Steven Streufert Bookseller/BigfootBooks on 09/30/2010 at 2:27 PM

Re: “Bigfoot and the Trolls

"Truth Serum," whomever you are... What are you drinking, The MK Davis Massacre Special? Double shots of GCBRO bathtub 'shine? READ THE LATEST on Bigfoot's bLog here: BIGFOOT WARS, Episode 3: THE REVENGE OF THE JIMITES, THE BIGFOOTERY ENQUIRER STRIKES BACK

Posted by Steven Streufert Bookseller/BigfootBooks on 09/30/2010 at 1:44 PM

Re: “Bigfoot and the Trolls

Ray Wallace Hoax Behind Bigfoot? Did this logging contractor make all of the famous Bluff Creek footprints that created the modern story of "Bigfoot" in the media? NOPE. Read here: HOAX THEORY: Debunked

Posted by Steven Streufert Bookseller/BigfootBooks on 09/29/2010 at 1:53 PM

Re: “Bigfoot and the Trolls

A lengthy exposure of the lies of Bob Heironimus and the falsity of his claims to being the "man in the suit" may be found here. By Roger Knights... If you want further information about the inaccuracy of the "evidence" presented in Greg Long's book, "The Making of Bigfoot," look for Knights' other great essays, especially "He Drove a Crooked Mile," which proves that Bob H. had clearly never been to the P-G film site nor anywhere in particular along Bluff Creek. Hoax theory: debunked.

Posted by Steven Streufert Bookseller/BigfootBooks on 09/29/2010 at 1:45 PM

Re: “Bigfoot and the Trolls

Evidence? Remember, people once scoffed at the existence of the panda and the gorilla. New species are discovered every year, even some megafauna. Now, we bigfooters do have to admit that it is mysterious that we do not have a body. But we do have a film, the PGF, that has yet to be proven a hoax (despite many debunked claims), and has not been convincingly replicated even by modern film folks. There is a lot of evidence, but without a body it is difficult to establish it as coming from an established species. There is hair that comes up as "unknown primate." There is DNA currently under analysis from hair and a giant molar found in the Santa Cruz area. There are footprint casts that show convincing dermal ridges that have been accepted by a professional police forensics officer. But I shouldn't have to explain all of this. Ignorance is not a qualification for skepticism, nor is the viewing of a brief hype piece on Fox or CNN. I would recommend that one read the following books written by professional scientists on the subject:

  • SASQUATCH: LEGEND MEETS SCIENCE, by Dr. D. Jeff Meldrum, State University of Idaho.
*SASQUATCH-BIGFOOT EVIDENCE, by Dr. Grover Krantz, University of Washington *NORTH AMERICA'S GREAT APE - THE SASQUATCH: A Wildlife Biologist Looks at the Continent's Most Misunderstood Large Mammal, by John Bindernagel Of course, there is much more; but those who do not look will not ever have a chance to see.

Posted by Steven Streufert Bookseller/BigfootBooks on 09/28/2010 at 1:35 PM

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