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Re: “Jesus Christ, Chester Cheetah Invited to Wal-Mart Opening Ceremony Mega-Party Extravaganza Festivities

What a bunch of hypocritical phonies trying to diss the poor for shopping at places where the prices are lowest. I buy Aim toothpaste for a buck at Dollar Store and the same exact tube of Aim at any local supermarket sells for over twice the price. That goes for most all the stuff I buy at Dollar Store. It's the same product or close knock-off that is much cheaper. I don't especially want to contribute to local petite bourgeousie making their profits by charging more for the same thing one can get for less, far less. And it's true, all of you who are typing away on computers have zero room to talk about Chinese goods, not when Apple is screwing over their employees just like the rest. If you don't like Big Boxes or China, do something more than bitch and moan and play politically correct and heartless Progs--rhymes with frogs and one only hopes they croak before they further trash Humboldt County's economy.

Posted by Stephen on 06/01/2012 at 4:02 PM

Re: “Jesus Christ, Chester Cheetah Invited to Wal-Mart Opening Ceremony Mega-Party Extravaganza Festivities

One has to wonder about someone who seizes any opportunity it seems to trash Christianity. And now reading the byline of this blog I know who the tiny-minded individual is. Why it's Ryan Burns, the same myopic Luddite who like the idiot Progs he must belong to thinks Prog anti-poor activists can keep Humboldt County in the railroad dark ages forever. I hope someone keeps the current issue of NCJ around to show Ryan in a few years why politics doesn't really rule the economy. People do. And people need goods and services so Arkley and Harbor Commission pulled an end run around the Progs with their East-West alternative railway solution. And Ryan's op-ed piece can't stand it. Hooray for progress. Now the Humboldt poor have at least another place to shop they can afford. Home Depot next in line..seems like the poor and not so poor too want to give their money to Walmart stock-holders and workers vs. getting ripped off by the prices for the same goods at Pierson's or Larry Glass's Works..

Posted by Stephen on 05/31/2012 at 9:12 PM

Re: “A sign

My Bear River friend Sparky tells me Walmarts are where NAs go to meet each other. And he's not talking about rich ndns like the Bowman Hotel gang at Bear River but about those B.R. tribal members living on $4400 a year compared to $80,000 salaries of the Bowman Hotel gang running Bear River into the ground with huge payments going out to the Bowman Hotel and the tribal members outside the Tribal Council getting the lowest per capita of any casino tribe in California that generates Bear River casino's income.

Poor local NAs are just one segment of the poor population in Humboldt County whose proportion of poor people is one of the highest in California. But again, Progs don't care. Political Correctness is only what they care about. If Prog activists really cared they would make policies that don't economically hurt the poor. Bottom line.

Posted by Stephen on 05/31/2012 at 6:30 AM

Re: “A sign

Another store where us poor can afford the prices. Such a bunch of phonies we have running loose in Arcata and SoHum, both places receiving extra income help from outside sources, HSU and pot growing. This situation seems to make the residents of these areas trip all over themselves trying to economically attack the poor majority in Humboldt County. Yes, I said economically attack because most of you reading this rag don't have the critical money problems that force us to shop wherever the prices for the same products are lowest. You don't get it because most of you don't care about the poor, just your politically correct bullshit.

If you don't like Big Boxes, why don't you listen to activists like me who have for years told you to create Co-op Big Boxes but that's too hard while bitching and moaning for years about Walmart is so easily done.

Posted by Stephen on 05/30/2012 at 9:05 PM

Re: “HumCo's Pepper Spray Precedent

It was a media event back then that enviros exploited to the max to give the police a black eye but to me it was still all part and parcel of an activist mindset then which hadn't the slightest interest in actually doing whatever it took to save trees, that was secondary to hitting the front page. Like tree sitting all these protest actions in the long did nothing to save trees while it surely captured the public's attention, so much so that the whole homestead road and water environmental crisis was almost completely forgotten as the public looked to their newspaper headlines instead of looking at reported water shortage warnings and over-sedimentizing warnings that should have been far more important in the long run.

I admit to skepticism re this current wave of protest activism because without substantive alternative social and economic change programs being created protest only produces new sets of fame junkies and lawsuiting enviro orgs all capitalizing on public outrage but not organizing what it takes to change society.

Posted by Steve on 11/23/2011 at 9:36 PM

Re: “Shunka Moves On

Jason aka Shunka Wakan and I had a little go around about the ethics of enviros deliberately provoking loggers by invading their work space as a gang of trespassing activists with a long record of opposing these worker's type of work. This action was something no one in their right mind does and David Chain paid the price of EF! idiocy. Shunka wanted to use David's death for rallying more support for EF! demonstrations and frankly, that too, I found a little sick in the head.

In some heated emails between us where I had mentioned my long involvement with local Native Americans who sided with loggers mainly many being ones themselves. Shunka bragged how he was given his Lakota name and that too I found offensive as I knew some Lakota leaders and knew they wouldn't like what Shunka has done with that name he's taken. In fact, one of the signators to the Lakota's Declaration against theft of sacred ceremonies, Alfred Boneshirt appointed me to check out Shunka to see if he was actually doing Lakota sweat ceremonies, something not allowed wasichi or any people outside the tribes given the ceremonies in the first place. I did check through the State Park ranger in the park where EF! hung out and he couldn't find any sign of sweat lodge activity. Boneshirt asked me to look for eagle feathers on Shunka, another violation and a criminal one of theft of NA religion.

All in all, Shunka's activity here wasn't the best and unlike other EF!'s fame junkies he failed to make the media, including this paper, his friend.

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Posted by Stephen on 09/15/2011 at 1:37 PM

Re: “List of Items Confiscated at County Courthouse

If we try to prevent every potential crime we will live in a police state. The bottom line still for me is HOW MANY VIOLENT ACTS have actually taken place at our county courthouse to justify these security measures and the enormous expense (four salaries of cops each earning what, three, four or five times the average Humboldt County employee wage plus retirement benefits unreal in comparison with non-public employees? We are letting ourselves be bamboozled by FEAR that isn't justified. Save the money for people's real needs in Humboldt County now, community services that are vital and not wasted on companies promoting fear for profit.

Posted by Stephen on 08/05/2011 at 4:39 AM

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