Trashfire Girls

Camp for today's world

(May 19, 2022) Welcome, parents, to tonight's Trashfire Girls open house! Please, help yourself to juice and cookies, and once you're settled you can open the brochure on your seat. We're fetching some...

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The Cat Speaks Out Against Cancel Culture

(March 31, 2022) I have endured this campaign of bullying in silence for as long as I can. But someone has to take a stand against the censorship, blackballing and overall mistreatment I...

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Cannabis Strains for 2022

Fake weed for real problems

(March 17, 2022) Diesel Diesel. Now that gas prices have you buying a shotglass of fuel at a time, the petroleum fragrance of the exponentially intensified terpenes of this inbred plant will hit...

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Vaccine Marketing Meeting

(January 20, 2022) Thanks for jumping in on this Zoom meeting. As you all know from the 16 meetings it took to get to this meeting, consulting on increasing vaccine uptake in the...

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Cocktails to Toast the End of 2021

(December 30, 2021) It's not a great year for hitting the party circuit on New Year's Eve. But that doesn't mean you can't see 2021 out with fancy cocktails. Try your hand at...

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Dead Blonde

(October 28, 2021) "You found me!" He did not look happy to have found me, which I thought was strange. He was looking for me, wasn't he? Isn't that why he was here,...

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Nobody Wants to Hench Anymore

(October 21, 2021) Like a lot of business owners, the pandemic forced me to put projects on hold. People weren't traveling to the kinds of international tourist attractions I typically obliterate with a...

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Welcome Back to Book Club

(September 23, 2021) Greetings, everyone! I know I said hosting book club would have to wait for our local case numbers to drop and vaccination rates to go up, but now that Scott...

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