Poirot's Ghost in <i>A Haunting in Venice</i>

Poirot's Ghost in A Haunting in Venice

(September 21, 2023) A HAUNTING IN VENICE. I am both an Agatha Christie fan and philistine, coming to her stories second hand, via my mother's avid reading and BBC productions. Drinking tea with...

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The Nun II is a Holy Terror

(September 14, 2023) THE NUN II. I would like to begin by acknowledging mistakes were made. Calendar editor Kali Cozyris and I giddily planned a trip to the movies as soon as we...

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Back in the Fight

Mother's Day and Equalizer 3

(September 7, 2023) MOTHER'S DAY. In my zeal for streaming action movies out of Asia, I may have slept on Poland. The first five minutes of Mateusz Rakowicz's Dzien Matki, as it's...

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Gran Turismo's Sponsored Race

(August 31, 2023) GRAN TURISMO. How does one approach a project such as this one, for all intents and purposes a feature length advertisement for the Gran Turismo game (sorry, simulator) franchise, Playstation/Sony...

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Rabbit Holes and Shaggy Dogs

The YouTube Effect and Strays

(August 24, 2023) THE YOUTUBE EFFECT. As a Luddite, my contact with YouTube is infrequent, shallow and glancing: the occasional how-to, stand-up specials, squinty-eyed late-night music video ping-pong sessions, that's about it. Living...

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Vampires on a Boat

The Last Voyage of the Demeter

(August 17, 2023) THE LAST VOYAGE OF THE DEMETER. Before the title character in Bram Stoker's 1897 epistolary novel Dracula drinks his way through England, he travels there on a ship called the...

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Bigger Sharks to Jump

The Meg 2 and Beanie Bubble

(August 10, 2023) THE MEG 2: THE TRENCH. Whether because or in spite of its unrepentant silliness (stupidity?), I found a lot to like about The Meg (2018). Jason Statham plying his acerbic...

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Talk to Me Makes Contact

(August 3, 2023) TALK TO ME. Australia, home to venomous brown snakes, saltwater crocodiles and a snail that can evidently kill you with a tiny harpoon-like tooth, is scary enough. Perhaps the...

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Bombs and Bombshells

Oppenheimer and Barbie

(July 27, 2023) OPPENHEIMER. It comes as no surprise that Christopher Nolan's latest magnum opus should be heralded for its audacity and scale. He being a holdover from another time, if such a...

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Making it Possible

Mission continues its decades-long legacy

(July 20, 2023) What I couldn't have articulated then, and perhaps cannot now, was director Brian De Palma's critical role as both arbiter and synthesist of cinema cool, even as his career was...

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The Joy of the Ride

Joy Ride, The Out-Laws deliver the laughs

(July 13, 2023) JOY RIDE. It has been rather widely reported — but may still be apocryphal — that at some point during the development of this screenplay, the writers (Cherry Chevapravatdumrong and...

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Maintaining a Legacy

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny and Asteroid City

(July 6, 2023) INDIANA JONES AND THE DIAL OF DESTINY. Time may eventually allow us to more properly contextualize the great Dr. Jones. Younger generations may have already done it, distanced as they...

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No Hard Feelings' Rom-com Chops

(June 29, 2023) NO HARD FEELINGS. Within the ever-deepening river of pan-cultural division, there are convoluted, often contradictory undercurrents too numerous to parse. In this new age of (dis)information, some of these knotty...

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New Tricks, Old Tropes

(June 22, 2023) EXTRACTION 2. It could be said 2020 came on a little strong. Many of us met the uncertainty, paranoia and concern with a voracious consumption of media, both new and...

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Flamin' Hot's Stale Corporate Propaganda

(June 15, 2023) FLAMIN' HOT touts itself as a heartwarming tale of grit and pride, and a corrective to the injustices Latinos face in the U.S. (and Hollywood in particular), but it's a...

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You Hurt My Feelings ' White Lies

(June 8, 2023) YOU HURT MY FEELINGS. Sometime in the future, a forensic anthropologist trying to understand human society in the year 2023 will wonder how it felt to identify as "bougie" in...

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