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Question: Sexy Time? Answer: Booya! 

Odds are, like many Americans, you have found yourself with friends during a pedestrian game of Trivial Pursuit thinking, "You know, this game just isn't 'sexy' enough, dagnabbit!" You're not alone. Pleasure-seeking board game enthusiasts have long bemoaned the puritanical leanings of the Hasbro higher ups. I mean, ‘People & Places' and ‘Sports & Leisure' were suitable for game night with grandma, but we're insatiable adults now. C'mon, Hasbro! This is the, uh, ’tens. Loosen up already!

Question: Wouldn't you much rather engage yourself in a trivia battle with spicier questions like these? (Answers below.):

1) Which invertebrate found in some of Humboldt County's coastal regions has the longest penis relative to body size in the animal kingdom?

2) What electric-powered item might a Victorian-era psychiatrist in search of a cure for his hysterical female patients, who has been transported to modern day Eureka via time machine, find at Good Relations?

3) Which celebrity is rumored to know more about behavioral tendencies of gerbils than any Fin and Feather associate?

Answer: Yes you would. Yowza!

Were those questions too easy for you? Then turn down the lights and close the door because you, my friend, have a date with Sexytime Trivia Night, taking place at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 27 at Humboldt Brews, in Arcata. Teams of 4 to 6 people will put their pervy brains to the test and compete for titillating prizes.

With local in-demand sexual goddesses Monica Topping and Miss Gina overseeing proceedings, you'll wonder why it only costs $10 or $8 per person for a team of six to enter the game. We asked Miss Topping what qualifications she had to head up such a steamy gathering. "I'm shameless on the microphone. And microphones are phallic," she stated before expressing concern about embarrassing her parents. Boom-chicka-wah-wah!

Full disclosure/fair warning/prideful boast: The Journal is 5/6 of the way toward cementing its sexual trivia dream team that will literally beat the pants off any who dare to show their faces Thursday. Bring it, Humboldt.

Proceeds from Sexytime Trivia Night benefit Six Rivers Planned Parenthood. For more info, visit or check out the "Advocates for Choice" group on Facebook.

(please put th following upside-down)


Answers: 1) Barnacle. 2) A vibrator. 3) We will accept Richard Gere and/or Will Startare. 

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