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Priestly 'Prequal' 


Reading the evidently well-researched and well-written feature article in the Feb 7 issue of the NCJ triggered recollections of its "prequel"of nearly 20 years ago, published in issue 122 (May/mid-June 2000) of Mendocino County's New Settler Interview. Pages 51 through 63 of that issue describe in excruciating detail (under the title "Woman of Integrity: Sister Jane Kelly") the lengths to which Sister Jane (and fellow Catholic Mike Geniella, then of the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat) had to go in order to — eventually — bring the sordid facts to public attention.

I'm rather surprised to find that that exposure was insufficient to provoke the Diocese into taking appropriate corrective action at the time. (Though the New Settler Interview didn't leave a web presence, I'm told that both the HSU Library and the Mendocino County Museum have substantial archives of the NSI, so issue 122 may still be accessible).

Mark Drake, Fortuna

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