I'm Underwater

(January 11, 2018) I see crystal clear bubbles floating all around my head like an iridescent halo. I glide beneath the waves, not thinking of the surface. Sometimes I long for the sun,...

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(January 4, 2018) She calls herself a Pluto prancer, planet dancer, starlit spirit enhancer. She moon walks on Mars and tip toes on stars capturing constellations in her vision jars. She strums sun...

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Life With No Egrets

(December 28, 2017) The mud is in and Clouds are stalking, With no legs up Taunting winds Offshore. No white lines On blue skies, Nor shallow footprints Painting geometrics Onshore. Nobody is Home......

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In Gratitude

(December 21, 2017) Cry with the ancestors long gone Family we've never met Cry with them now as they cried then... Stoking fires of wet wood Mending what would not be fixed And...

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The Alder Grove

(December 14, 2017) Two trees frame my backyard, planted from rogue seedlings sprung in fallow pots, thirty-one, twenty-eight years ago, when I sowed the two saplings above the afterbirth of my two sons....

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December on the Eel

(December 7, 2017) Here, Moored by the soft calling turns Of a river now purposed by rain, We can linger in that patient lapse Between the miseries of drought And the sudden electricity...

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Here's What You Do

(November 30, 2017) Here's what you do: Take what you have - Make it kindling - Chop the table, Smash the chair. Split the trunk. Expose the heart. Build a fire. Stand within...

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Driving the High Roads

(November 23, 2017) Here in this land of cannabis a place of pernicious habits, ingrained independence and laughing rabbits, down at the bottom of any ravine, skeletons of Porsches are frequently seen, skewered...

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(November 16, 2017) Are not suns. They do not shine For billions of years Racing through space Away from each other Bending nothing indelibly In gravitational waves No one notices. They race into...

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Walking Past

(November 9, 2017) Walking past that poor old soul, a little ragged, a bit worn down, lost in their own little world. Have you ever wondered, who he was, under all that dirt...

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The swallows are gathering at Klamath Glen

(October 26, 2017) The swallows are gathering at Klamath Glen. Queing up on the telephone lines, Chattering to their neighbors, Exchanging pleasantries and updates on Eggs laid and chicks survived or lost, Getting...

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(October 12, 2017) Our heads bow over a book Bow and bow again. We take turns reading pages Promising re-covery A loving cloak for raw emotions A shelter in discomfort. Lightning preceded the...

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Jackhammer Magnet

(September 28, 2017) "It's something about my life," she began — but just outside the bookstore window, bedlam reigned. I cupped a hand behind an ear. "Selling books was all," she said; I...

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Last Bites

(September 21, 2017) Our elder tree Barely bears,  Weak limbs Reaching, Apples shaking Morning fog, Lifting up So little of What we recall......

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Freedom for a little dog

(September 7, 2017) Simple, isn't it. To run and hide from master's voice. A little hole where It's hard to fit. It seems a long way off For a man to really be...

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Slipping through Narrow Places

(August 31, 2017) Wild, curly haired kids still chase candy-colored rocks Across old sea floors, dotted with dandelions, And the long yawn of summer gone stale, All gathered up, into that rusty pail....

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