After They Lifted the Statue Up,

(March 21, 2019) we could see the indentation left on the ground where it had stood since before the First World War. Covered up and compressed for over a century, the earth suddenly...

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A Sad Surprise

(March 14, 2019) A couple decades difference in our ages, a dozen years as neighbors, perhaps a handful of brief chats through the lattice and hydrangeas. A few times I put your newspaper...

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(March 6, 2019) In the muddy pasture at the end of the lane black cows graze. Tufts of fur brush-stroke their backs mud-manure cakes their sides dark-wet slurry down sturdy shanks their modest...

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(February 28, 2019) Below the vision and above the teaming soil paint straight from the grand palette is a compost of color all mixed to brown and rot. Here in the chaos of...

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Trinidad Blue

(February 21, 2019) Quiet hamlet, I call home. Cirrus skyscape With abundance Of blue. Redwood friends Confiding to me, Their silent stories Of a century or more. Beaches magnificent In their repose, Beneath...

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Shared Space

(February 14, 2019) It's only love that makes me get out of bed and walk into the wide garden again – clearing space for another gathering of flowers and my friend the honey...

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Common Egrets

(January 31, 2019) Great wings spread Feathering west winds, While grey clouds loom Beyond all horizons. These are dark days Yet still, you fly Battling the elements While the rest of us Just...

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Maybe the Sun Will Come Out Today

(January 24, 2019) There is a time when the sound of wet tires on Harris Street Comes as a surprise. Gravity has worked its irresistible craft On the water cycle, Leaving carbuncles dangling...

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Content – A Sonnet

(January 17, 2019) I awake, brew and pour coffee. Corn bread is baking; a tequila sunrise calls. Good music; words for a poem dance in my head. Plans with good friends, dinner, a...

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(January 10, 2019) Broken is the black body Broken its name Broken its fine bones, its dark flesh Broken the soul into which we peer (blood pooling, unmoving over whom some badged bully...

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Into the Old Barn

(January 3, 2019) We walk together Along the Lost Coast One eye on Towering waves Whisked ashore Beneath dark clouds Finally dousing our Endless Fire Season On Christmas Day. Avoiding quicksand We squeeze...

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(December 27, 2018) We were rich as sin Shakespearean fools So we bought ourselves An enchanted prairie >Lie in that prairie Just in the center of that prairie (Where bottle gentian Throws a...

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Egrets in a Pasture

(December 20, 2018) gray on gray in morning white on green at noon glowing coral in the gloaming gone by night   so many egrets in the pasture now as winter nears...

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Bailando Feliz Mente - A Latin Dance Showcase

(December 18, 2018) Check out spicy salsa moves from Bailando! Dance Company and Miss Julie's SALSA KIDS at Bailando Feliz Mente - A Latin Dance Showcase at Redwood Raks World Dance Studio,...

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Walking the Marsh

(December 13, 2018) An ancient redwood barn</p> Leans in all directions</p> As we begin to talk</p> Of the inexplicable:</p> Where we are,</p> How we got here,</p> When these geese</p> Found their way,</p> Why...

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(December 6, 2018) (For Suzanne) I drove by your home today Your flag out front appeared amiss "Erika, the Red" still in the driveway Was the flag a sign of some distress? Perhaps...

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