His Hummingbirds (Calypte anna)

(October 14, 2021) Tiny fencemen perched upon pickets At rest, armed, armored, readied, coated In colors of the realm Vert, sanguine, argent Their ladies, less elaborately clad than they Hovering nearby, favoring their...

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Journal Entry

(September 30, 2021) last day of summer went out to the jetty after work sun just starting to dip down golden warm, light breeze paddled out at the channel then headed north to...

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(September 23, 2021) September 2020 ~ pandemic and wildfires Poised and breathless, after too long away, my whole being turned toward home. But the path to Crater Lake was blocked by tortured, desiccated...

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Rain Journaling

(September 16, 2021) Low, pink clouds surprise. A glowing refreshment, Before the long exhale Of a wearied man having trudged so long Through dust, Succumbed to the dull stone, Scraped in thorns, Pasted...

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Evacuation List

(September 9, 2021) Family genealogy book All our relations One black bear A flock of towhees Passports We'll go nowhere without you Herd of deer Pileated woodpecker Tax records Heavy price to pay...

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Grief, Lethargy and OCD

(September 2, 2021) I look at my raised feet beefy with squish Purple-skin design with lizard like texture Aching from too much pacing. I can't seem to level this Mount Everest of fatigue...

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Bigfoot Bigotry

(August 12, 2021) Not having the pleasure of prior acquaintance, I wasn't sure whether their upturned noses were a constitutional characteristic or a register of their displeasure on finding me suddenly in their...

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Global Pandemic

(August 5, 2021) Plodding along now Like dinosaurs on parade, With no hands clapping. Kirk Gothier...

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"Only You Can Prevent Wildflowers"

(July 29, 2021) Like fire flickering Western Tiger Swallowtails Flit from flame to flame J. Commander...

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Give Us This Day

(July 22, 2021) Youch! The milk cried, You are scalding me! It's OK, the teaspoon said Stirring the milk gently The yeast was nervous There in the curve of the bowl The salt...

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(July 15, 2021) In my garden buds go limp before they bloom-- wishful thinking on a tired stalk. My hose snakes out but we can't bring the real relief they crave. Down deep...

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First Farmers' Market After the Pandemic

(July 1, 2021) After the great silence, we come to the church of blessing. On this sunny Sunday on the plaza, we stream onto the sidewalks quiet and contrite. We listen to the...

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Left Last

(June 24, 2021) "Captains, form your teams!" the teacher called, "First, Maria!" She was my friend, but liked to win, so chose the tallest child, who ran so fast. The other captain went...

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Lullaby For Our Rainbow Flag

(June 17, 2021) A lullaby lauding your purple stripe for the fearless who fought for Stonewall Inn, praising your bold red stripe honoring Harvey Milk's resilient courage, blessing your orange stripe of healing...

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Everyday Wonder

(June 10, 2021) A burst of sunshine At the end of a long stalk, A dandelion. Sherman Schapiro...

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Could It Be

(June 3, 2021) Why don't the words come When they came so readily before? Beauty, the stuff of poetry, is still here The birds call and squabble at the feeders The flowers bloom...

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