(April 2, 2020) Breath in, breath out. On the Adirondack bench beneath the kiwi arbor late afternoon sun beneath bluest of sky, stilling my mind, emptying thoughts: focus on the cool air traversing...

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(March 26, 2020) Space Is how we say I Love You, For Now....

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Close to the End

(March 12, 2020) I would like to think that it would be no different If you were really here with me Sharing the last of this red wine Our after dinner faces on...

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Klopp Lake 1/31/2020

(February 27, 2020) A midwinter sun through the clouds doth peek; White egrets decorate a tree, at rest. Shore birds and ducks on the water, seek, Food as they dive and bob in...

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Deer Skull

(February 13, 2020) We mark graves for ourselves Not for distant arrivals But for our own returns When we place a stone We don't believe its weight will ever lift But it does...

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Our Tapestries

(February 6, 2020) Rarely looking up Fingers intentionally Touch all that matter Kirk Gothier...

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(January 30, 2020) Where can we go Half as nice as here Beneath towering trees Reaching to the Heavens With Pacific Waves Embracing Lost Coasts and Shorebirds leaving Priceless footprints In each moment...

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(January 23, 2020) Seventy degrees below zero, he woolly bear caterpillar rolls into a ball, and survives an Arctic winter.            For years, in rain, hail and lightning storms,            a woman hunches...

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a pome called sustenance

(January 16, 2020) 1 the actual world is not an imaginary friend. the moon in the sky is farther out than we can conceive but we can imagine what we imagine without end....

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Climate Change

(January 9, 2020) You use less water Have no son or daughter Eat less meat Rely on your feet But industry dwarfs So the climate morphs A tipping point reached A levee is...

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Last Days of Fall

(December 26, 2019) Sun dances along tree tops Encouraging the darkness, As I walk uphill Past endless Sword Ferns Forever defending hillsides Better left alone. Kirk Gothier...

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Winter Sun

(December 19, 2019) grotesque El Greco oaks sprawl this quieted land. Fall does not taper into winter here; but ends abruptly, like a clock struck, the sun pending like the last apple of...

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At Crater Lake 2019

(December 12, 2019) The sharp granite point of Discovery Point points to a low-hanging curtain of rainbow projected onto fog rising from the dark blue lake. Gentle arc celebrates ephemera, the kiss of...

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the cosmos

(December 5, 2019) the bumble bee unlatches from the folds of a cosmos where it slept last night while I slept nearby inside a plastered wooden box I don't know why I call...

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ode to surfer dave

(November 21, 2019) I didn't really know him to be honest his life story what I knew of him was from our acquaintance out at the beach our conversations I always felt a...

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How Can Such A Beautiful Day Bode So Ill?

(November 14, 2019) Sun comes up bright in a spotless sky again. Where is the November that was, that old month of rain and fog? Amaryllis' poke out strong green leaves one week...

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  • Re: Disequilibrium

    • Beautiful.

    • on April 2, 2020
  • Re: Close to the End

    • Haunting end, the kind you never forget. Well done.

    • on March 19, 2020
  • Re: Close to the End

    • Breathtakingly beautiful.

    • on March 12, 2020

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