A Hazy Day

(May 26, 2022) A hazy day at Humboldt Bay, moments of Zen Watching pelicans play Offering thanks to Last night's dreams, where stories are told In impossible schemes Movement and freedom Combine in...

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The Haiku Grampa Trilogy

(May 19, 2022) 50 Blissful Years Together Love is so fickle, As we all change over time. We are so lucky!! First Impressions Virtually live My heart still, fills beyond me As Arnie...

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Childhood Afterimages

(May 5, 2022) Tree at Glen Paul catching on fire slight lisp blurring my words Overbite from birth I stare at the sun until it hurts Red maple leaves stir memories of lost...

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The Pecking Order

(April 28, 2022) Watching the pecking order firsthand At the bird feeder under the awning Outside my kitchen window where, This day, finches rule the roost. The males sport bright red feathers, Flashing...

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Homestead Life

(April 21, 2022) We love our hens most of the time Until in flower beds they mine For tender worms and little bugs Digging up the roots and grubs Uprooting bulbs and killing...

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Spring Haiku

(April 14, 2022) Wind stirs trees from their long sleep Spring has come again Life awakens from the roots. Elena...

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(April 7, 2022) i could tell you what this or that wave means, but it wouldn't matter - and that's best. watch Orion into the dark of night. we slingshot together just like...

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Lazarus Roots

(March 31, 2022) These are ancient wars we've been born into; they aren't anything we haven't known nor are they ever really comprehended by any of us yet rather than take that walk...

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(March 24, 2022) From plum trees pink petals fall as redwood sorrel sings a song of spring and trillium prepare to perform their seven-year ritual of breaking hearts with the force of beauty....

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(March 17, 2022) Their picture was on the front page of the New York Times A loose pile of bodies on pavement. The eight year old daughter looked like she was taking a...

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KIEV, 2022

(March 10, 2022) She'd had to leave her graying mother whimpering in the basement, withered hands clutching a worn plaid blanket to her chin. She'd heard there were women learning to shoot, had...

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(March 3, 2022) I etch poems in the soft panes of air which I pass thru as I travel from here where nothing reconciles with what i hope is there. You dig? Monte...

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Welcome to the Day

(February 24, 2022)      For our Bublin Bear To all of you who nest at night, Who wake up late or at first light, Who crawl or swim or take to flight, Welcome...

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Sharpening Roots

(February 10, 2022)     (rewritten) Do dull tools lead to dull bodies and minds dim bodies and minds bearing dull hearts which only reflect light like a knife's flat cutting edge and are no...

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Periodic Table

(February 3, 2022) Nothing subatomic Can hold a candle To the gatherings We once shared, Around tables set To welcome friends With the only bond That really matters. By Kirk Gothier...

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Masking Life

(January 27, 2022) I The Face producer of expressions holder of in and out looks through which life pours screening entire existences II The Face presenter of plot lines wrinkles in the story...

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