Swainson's Return

(May 21, 2020) In mid-May: A passing rain opens the day. Finally, on cue, the evening sun, Casts colored light across the tops of trees, And peers through the kitchen window, Suddenly...

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The Hour of the Wolves

(May 14, 2020) A chill a ululation one howl and then another like a wounded animal like a caged animal breaking free in voice calling out across the neighborhood lighting the city at...

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Libations to Hubris

(May 7, 2020) Barkeep, pour me a stiff one, will ya? a climate-changer on the rocks, a big hunk of ancient ice, if ya' got it; want to watch it melt. Thanks for...

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Without a Doubt

(April 30, 2020) Swallows dart about Apparently together But never quite in sync, Changing course In a heartbeat for No apparent reason, Which always Seems to work. Kirk Gothier...

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No Need For Company

(April 23, 2020) Enjoying my own company Sharing space with just one friend, Who lovingly lays next to me from morning til day's end. No need to entertain her she's content without the...

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(April 16, 2020) The rain and the burning sun entwine; and what becomes of water and fire but spirit-lifting mists,  vaporous and lovely, rising like a host at the height of prayer. True,...

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Having been discharged from Hell

(April 9, 2020) Having been discharged from Hell, the New York dead lie piled inside refrigerated trucks, awaiting their transport to Heaven and reunion with old enemies and friends. A continent away, the...

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(April 2, 2020) Breath in, breath out. On the Adirondack bench beneath the kiwi arbor late afternoon sun beneath bluest of sky, stilling my mind, emptying thoughts: focus on the cool air traversing...

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(March 26, 2020) Space Is how we say I Love You, For Now....

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Close to the End

(March 12, 2020) I would like to think that it would be no different If you were really here with me Sharing the last of this red wine Our after dinner faces on...

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Klopp Lake 1/31/2020

(February 27, 2020) A midwinter sun through the clouds doth peek; White egrets decorate a tree, at rest. Shore birds and ducks on the water, seek, Food as they dive and bob in...

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Deer Skull

(February 13, 2020) We mark graves for ourselves Not for distant arrivals But for our own returns When we place a stone We don't believe its weight will ever lift But it does...

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Our Tapestries

(February 6, 2020) Rarely looking up Fingers intentionally Touch all that matter Kirk Gothier...

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(January 30, 2020) Where can we go Half as nice as here Beneath towering trees Reaching to the Heavens With Pacific Waves Embracing Lost Coasts and Shorebirds leaving Priceless footprints In each moment...

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(January 23, 2020) Seventy degrees below zero, he woolly bear caterpillar rolls into a ball, and survives an Arctic winter.            For years, in rain, hail and lightning storms,            a woman hunches...

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