Fun Fungi

(April 8, 2021) When hiking on a forest trail if duff is wet, and light is pale, late fall and winter, early spring, then comes the fruit that fungi bring. They pop from...

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What Remains

(April 1, 2021) You find out what's a poem the Hard way some times A scrap of line you threw away two days Ago and now look at you bent over the dumpster...

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(March 25, 2021) Like a long-rusted statue The robin stands stock-still But with a spasm and a spurt He comes to life Plucks a worm From the earth And leaves it too J....

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RAIN DAY, sort of

(March 18, 2021) Your phone said rain Wear a raincoat, you said Mine said drizzle, I didn't bother People in the Co-op parking lot pulled up their hoodies except for one man with...

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Good Morning

(March 11, 2021) The ache in my arm Welcomes me back, To the world we shared For almost 7 decades. As the sun enlightens Trees I have known In all ways imaginable, Plum...

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On Seeing Haliaeetus leucocephalus in Flight

(March 4, 2021) Most unjustly I deprecated you For being on coins, flags, insignia Feathers plucked from someone else's headdress For depicting an us that is not us A bald figurehead hatching lie...

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May I remember to not know

(February 25, 2021) Circle upon circle spiral over spiral each day turns and the moon follows her cycle and the earth rotates unfolding a life. This dawn light this October air this April...

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Elegy for Jolie

(February 18, 2021) For twenty foolish years I walked right past them, on my way through the woods to the river, assuming I was seeing all there was to be seen. Then...

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A Lone Daffodil

(February 11, 2021) Don't you know it's too early? Can't you see the others Still cuddled and huddled in their robes of green Crowding together against the cold, wet, wintry day Not ready...

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Morning Song

(February 4, 2021) How many mornings did we break fast, together? More than I can count in the rest of my days. And how many lessons did you teach me? More than I...

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Phoenix rising

(January 28, 2021) Out of the ashes of a year So incomprehensible In its universal tragedy But like new shoots Green and tender Sprouting in barren ground Everywhere were helpers And life went...

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Night Poems

(January 21, 2021) This is Old Mexico, land of rattle-snakes. Drifting high in the night sky, An airplane's light illuminates the clouds. The darkness is more easily seen with light. On the low...

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The Day We Stormed the Capitol

(January 14, 2021) The day we stormed the capitol I was out among the trees I saw the weavers weave their web I heard the vultures screech I heard we won not one...

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Happy New Year

(December 31, 2020) New years come and go We creatures of habit mark them, Celebrate the end of the old And beginning of the new Reminisce with grins and grimaces At what has...

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The Mouse Who Missed Christmas

(December 24, 2020) (Just to prove I'm not a complete Humbug; best read aloud to a young one) Mr. Whiskers tentatively Poked out his snout Round the sofa leg Whiskers quivering Before, there'd...

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(December 17, 2020) Wearing a mask is like using your turn signals when driving. You don't do it for yourself. You know where you're going. You do it for others. So we all...

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