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Plaza Aftermath 


On the afternoon of March 1 the Big Daddy of the Arcata Economic Development Corporation, Ross Welch ("Default Lines," March 15), entered Plaza Design in Arcata, placed his hand with authoritative display upon the counter near the manager (my wife) Tracy and announced in a reportedly loud, aggressive tone in the middle of a busy Thursday something like: 
"I am Ross, from the AEDC. We are here to shut this business down. If you work here, you no longer have a job. This stock is ours. It is our collateral." Ross had brought Tony, the AEDC's collections agent, and a locksmith described as being of thuggish temperament.

My first instinct was to demand a public apology for Mr. Welch's hostile attitude during the close down event -- and to ask who was responsible for payment of held paychecks. I called Ross at the AEDC to see what was up with the pay for my wife and others. I was under the wrong impression that AEDC had seized accounts!?

He said that the AEDC hadn't seized accounts and that it couldn't. He explained the legal logic of this and was notably gentlemanly to me.

As of March 17, the held paychecks were finally received from the proprietors with a kind letter.

But I still think a public apology is due from Mr. Welch to my wife and her co-workers.

I also assign Ross an exonerate tractate on:

An analysis of what ontogenic level(s) money exists on: What is money?

And, what are the ethical rules guiding practices of stewarding these increments of human value?

(Hints: You can reference the sciences, mathematics, general system's theory, cybernetics, human neurology, history of philosophy, and/or Buddhist ontology. And all systems align along the temporal axis.)

Big question issues. Heavy karmic weight.

Assignment due by April 15. 


Matt Yadley, Eureka

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