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Plane Questions 


So many thoughts flying around after reading the Airport article ("Wing and a Prayer," March 26). First, I wonder why, with global warming being so prominent, no consideration is being given to the emissions from the estimated 6,000 jet flights dumping their massive, unfiltered emissions into our fragile planet's atmosphere every day. A place where no plant life can help filter and reclaim some of the pollution.

Second thought is why in the world the government does not simply re-regulate the airlines. They take advantage of airports supported by taxpayers, and obviously have a duty to the general good, as well as their stakeholders. This idea of begging them to provide service is rather preposterous.

Third is, it seems to me we could use a tougher negotiator than Ms. Jacobs, who seems to be in awe of the airlines, and any problems they may have. Did she really say that they have not turned a profit since deregulation, in the same paragraph that stated their profits to be almost $20 billion last year?? Duh? Give them more (choke), love, when they are interested in nothing but extracting concessions and leaving the minute they expire? Deregulation led to cannibalization in the industry, with the big four remaining and competition eliminated.

While government is busy courting the capitalists, and scheming on all manner of taxes and gifts and guarantees, they might actually get off their you know what and determine just how many Humboldt residents actually use the airport. Seems overdue. As for the other small airports, it seems the article claimed they were self-sufficient, financially, but they also ran in the red sometimes. Which is it? Private planes are hardly deserving of a public subsidy.

Joshua Kinch, Eureka

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