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Last week’s “Town Dandy” (Jan. 29) was yet another example of why I shield my children from the local weekly in our town. Your verbal masturbation in place of balanced commentary created an impression of us v. them.

It’s an easy out for you to quip, in your fanciful word dance, about taping shut the mouths of those who brought up questions in regards to the operation and execution of the Headwaters Fund. Why should those who spoke up questioning the use of funds now be bound and restrained because the fishing industry has an ice box, an infrastructure play that an 8th grader or any child of a fisherman could easily point out as a dire need?

You have twisted the thoughts, words and events as to prostrate yourself in front of some benevolent red-inked God as you blurt and babble, “solved.” There is much more to do, in a much more proactive way.

— Jonathan Speaker, Arcata

Sweet Spot:* Full disclosure: Jonathan Speaker is a friend of the* Journal, of sorts. Appearances of nepotism be damned, though -- he wins a Bon Boniere sundae for sending our favorite letter of the week.

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