Perfect Trips

200 miles north of San Francisco lies California's best kept secret: Humboldt County. Here, you'll find 110 miles of untouched seashore, 40 percent of all remaining Old Growth forests and a unique, close-knit community nestled between them. Whether you're interested in fishing, camping, kayaking, hiking, shopping, music, theatre, art or wining-and-dining, Humboldt County has it all.


Perfect Winter Trips

(January 16, 2020) Don’t be a fool. Do the cool. Season, that is. Late winter and early spring delight the hale, hungry and healthy who harken to Humboldt’s call of the mild....

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Perfect Fall Trips

(October 16, 2019) Don't run from the winter. Embrace it. Own it. Light it up by candlelight in the forest. Traipse through it on a hike to a waterfall, estuary or the...

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Perfect Summer Trips

(July 30, 2019) The endless summer in Humboldt lasts well into autumn, when seasonal winds and currents bring the driest air and warmest ocean temperatures. Take advantage of this cyclical quirk, whether...

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