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Park Disservice 


The selling and buying of manufactured home parks is an ongoing disaster for residents ("Mobile Home Owners Rally Over Rent," Aug. 6).

By nature, corporations are soulless entities driven by only one thing: profit ... at any cost to residents.

We residents have already seen that our local McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee has abandoned regular citizens. At the first meeting where such resident concerns were brought up, the board seemed to be genuinely concerned about our plight.

By the second meeting 30 days later they had completely gone to the dark side and showed local citizens exactly who they will take their marching orders from: business owners.

The packed house of speakers at the second meeting were arrogantly dismissed by the unanimous vote to not recommend the county staff to at least look into rent stabilization possibilities. Passing along our concerns to the Board of Supervisors would have not cost the MCSD board anything.

Obviously, after those 30 days of lobbying by park owners and other business leaders they were quite willing to ignore the exact citizens they are supposed to serve.

Regardless of that ignorant Supreme Court decision, corporations are not people!

We have been sacrificed to the business/park-owner community. Isn't that always the way?

Gouge the voiceless in order to feed the for-profit overlords. Now it seems that our arrogant supervisor Sundberg has brazenly acknowledged that he doesn't give a damn about regular folks. He is quite willing to sacrifice his constituents to corporate greed. Business/politics as usual.

No wonder why citizens hate any form of government. It's all a puppet show.

Such attitudes by our Supervisor Sundberg clearly show who pulls the strings.

Gura Lashlee, McKinleyville

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