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Overwhelmingly Left Wing? 


I was glad to read that the "Women's Movement" is finally doing some naval-gazing after discovering that they were not representing all women ("Overwhelmingly White," Jan. 10). My observation of this movement is that they started out as an ideologically-based movement to support women everywhere. However, in the last 30 or so years, it's been co-opted by the radical left-wing movement and now it is just a political movement, adhering closely to the left-wing/Democrat platform. Thus, huge groups of women have not only been eliminated as targets of support but have actually become targets of attack.

In the article, Tina Sampay is quoted as saying, "As a black woman in Humboldt County, I did not feel represented or included at that march." Well, as a conservative Christian woman, I definitely do not feel represented, nor would I be allowed to be included in that march (if they knew who I was, since I don't agree with their premises). And while I am sure why the women of this movement would reject me, I did find it surprising that a black woman felt unsupported by them.

I believe that they have forfeited their role as protectors of all women by requiring that the women they support hold to the "party line" platforms.

I became very disappointed in the feminist movement after Bill Clinton, a Democrat, was accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick and they were silent, other than Camille Paglia, who is a renegade feminist. The list of the victims of his exploitation/abuse grew but I don't remember a single feminist leader speaking out against him, even to this day, even with the #MeToo movement. I am continually appalled at how cruelly politically left-wing women attack conservative women — even crudely joking about their appearance and bodies.

Jean Damon, McKinleyville

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