Filling Empty Bowls

(May 25, 2023) As a ceramics student at Humboldt State University in the late 1980s, Mark Campbell made ends meet by taking off his clay-spattered apron and putting on a new one to...

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Chocolate Tart Renovation

(May 18, 2023) After 22 years, we finally renovated our kitchen. Refinishing our cabinets and removing the old countertops was a fun project for our family. During this process, our kitchen has been...

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I'll Have My Spinach with Cheese and Chocolate, Please

(May 11, 2023) "Chocolate is a vegetable," read a sticky note placed on the refrigerator door in the kitchen of the office where I worked some years ago. I smiled when I...

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Oyster Fest's Beer Choice is Shuck It

(April 27, 2023) After virtual Oyster Fests with online entertainment and curbside pickup of oysters and beer, and an in-person tangle of food and drink lines by the Creamery District, the June return...

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Eating Ocean Friendly

At Six Rivers Brewery and Gyppo Ale Mill

(April 13, 2023) Click on the Ocean Friendly Restaurants program on the Surfrider Foundation website, and you'll see businesses that have earned the nonprofit's seal of approval. Restaurants participating in the program must...

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What's Good

Homey dumplings and far-flung pizza

(March 30, 2023) Dumplings and Tea at the Carwash Even in a rainy month, Auto Spa in McKinleyville still sees a little traffic since the bright blue Auntie Hao's truck is parked out...

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Take Time for Salad

(March 23, 2023) I am not a fan of cold weather. By the time dinner time comes around I am dreaming of a hot dish: a hearty soup or a vegetable side...

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Gettin' Saucy with Pot Wings

Infused honey-lime chipotle and Buffalo

(March 16, 2023) It was the day after Super Bowl LVII. I awoke to hazy memories of Rihanna, funny commercials and something about a sports game before thoughts of leftovers took over. (Some...

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The Ritz Again

(March 9, 2023) The Ritz Building on Third and F streets in Eureka bears a plaque marking it — the former Ritz and Star Cigar Store — as a historic landmark. It's a...

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No Skinny Pierogi

A Polish delicacy comes to Humboldt

(March 2, 2023) The lineage of the pierogi, a deceptively simple boiled dumpling filled mainly with mashed potato, is murky and contentious, with Poland, Russia, Ukraine and others laying claim. There's Europe's Middle...

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Cam's Pizza's Pedigree

(February 16, 2023) Lecsi Prince, co-owner of the mobile Cam's Pizza stand, jokes that pizza was her partner Cameron Calder's first solid food. "My parents put pizza in a blender," Calder responds, laughing....

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'We've All Got Stories'

For female servers, sexual harassment is business as usual

(February 9, 2023) The women who wait tables in Humboldt County are teenagers, grandmothers, artists, teachers, musicians and students. But ask any who have been in the industry a few years about sexual...

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What's Good: Dipping and Frying

At El Chipotle and Curry Leaf

(February 2, 2023) Double dipped If you came to El Chipotle (850 Crescent Way, Arcata) in the mood for a torta, the prize specimen isn't listed with the others served on bolillo rolls....

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Crooning and Cooking at Opera Alley Bistro

(January 26, 2023) Amid the sound of an elk and bison burger sizzling and the warm aroma of the day's soup, Madison "Mattie" Lopez's tenor cascades from the pass-through window between Opera Alley...

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'Everybody Works Together'

Teaching Native foodways to heal local youth

(January 19, 2023) The link between teaching young Native people to process and cook acorns and addressing substance abuse in their communities might not be readily apparent, but the folks at Cal...

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