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On Collin's Return 

I was heartened to see Collin Yeo's Setlist column (June 24). It is a sure sign things are getting back to normal, and he's an asset in coverage of the local live music scene.

That said, in a near 300 word preamble to the column exclaiming "I'm going to use my words for more light hearted fun," he then uses the vast majority of it in a now predictable screed against capitalism, the unfairness of it all and even a shot at Arcata, "a town that believes in justice, as long as it doesn't come with a price tag." Amigo, most everything comes with a price tag. Even in socialist countries you pay with non compliance in religion, politics, etc. Perhaps Buddhist Asceticism is in your future.

I can somewhat understand his bitterness as he also ran for Arcata City Council, which I endorsed despite my eye rolling when he gets up on the soap box. "Here goes Collin again ..." It is an unfortunate artifact of his fine entertainment writing that we are privileged to endure his anti-capitalist manifesto pretty much on a weekly basis.

So Collin, how do you feel about the bell weather New York City Mayor's race where law and order candidate Eric Adams appears to be waxing AOC's hand-picked progressive Maya Wiley? Scratch that, I don't have an hour for a bitter diatribe, and besides, the entertainment writing is much more engaging.

John Dillon, Eureka

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