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Huffman talks of being cordial ("Congressional Chat," Jan. 18), yet his first act to a new president is to boycott his inauguration. I dunno, seems a strange way to offer a welcoming hand? And then he wants more gun control, as if that will solve gun violence by criminals. And this is coming from a guy who works and lives in the most gun protected environment in the world. He is surrounded by armed guards protecting him in D.C. Yet he does not seem to want my family to be as safe as he is every day? Sitting on the floor of the House eating pizza for a "kumbaya" moment is not a sit-in. Nothing like sitting in at a lunch counter in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, in 1966. Yeah Congressman, been there, so your little protest just doesn't impress me. He seems okay with continuing Obamacare despite all the problems it  have caused my family that I have written him about. And why should some young healthy person have to pay for the care of my wrinkly old ass? Isn't the "mandate" just another word for redistribution?

Then the question about Last Chance Grade falling into the Pacific. Good question. And the usual answer we hear from politicians, "it is under federal study", or, "I will take it under advisement," etc. In other words, "I have no idea when it will get done." Why not just say that instead of trying to BS us?

Glad to have these questions asked by the Journal, 'cause I have tried for years to get answers with no luck. More than a 100 emails sent requesting a simple yes or no response with no answers so far. So thanks to the reporter for the work. All these reasons are why I am supportive of term limits. They just get too comfortable in D.C., do little except worry about their next re-election and fundraising. The Founding fathers never wanted these seats to be a permanent career for anyone. Maybe if they knew they had a limited time in office, real things might get done.

I dunno, just thoughts from a frustrated 72-year-old citizen who has heard the same thing for far too long from our "representatives."

Eric Cortez, Eureka


The interview with Congressman Huffman was lame but that wasn't his fault. Of course readers couldn't hear him. I bet his voice was somber, if not sad. I imagined he was hoping for a real question. After all, he is our one little voice and ear in Washington, one of 535 members of the legislative branch.

After all, we locally and as Californians, have influence regarding road repairs, the dams, health care. But Congressman Huffman actually has some say about the Defense (read, Offense) budget. $597 billion, six times as much as the next country, China.

Does the NCJ have grandchildren? We're threatening to use nukes now even just to retaliate for cyber attacks. We're spending $3 trillion to upgrade our nukes, in spite of our commitment to disarm as part of the nonproliferation treaty.

Nuclear deterrence is a grotesque protection racket. It doesn't work anyway.

How does Congressman Huffman feel about having a president who can freely push the button at any time? He could do something determinative about this — there's a bill — if he feels supported.

His words: "You need to get in good trouble." Bravo!

Of course, he could blame the Republicans for everything. But the Democrats are just as bad, and all they're doing is obsessing on the Russian conspiracy while the government gets dismantled. It's silly: We mess up our own elections quite enough, and everybody else's, too, and in much more villainous ways.

Climate change?

Even if you're not interested in these looming catastrophes, remember your press obligations. They say violence is a pyramid and public apathy is at the bottom of it. We need to be stirred up a bit for our own survival. Our government, at the apex, is heaping war crimes on our heads.

Ellen Taylor, Petrolia

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