Raptors at Chapman'sGem and Mineral

(March 18, 2020) Since childhood, dinosaurs have held a fascination for me. If dinosaurs roamed the earth today, my photo stories would probably be about them or, perhaps more likely, about dinosaurs at...

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Vacancy at Fourth and E Streets, Eureka

(January 16, 2020) For years, driving by, I would see her lonely figure sitting on the bench. I never stopped but in time I grew used to her presence there, looking to...

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Lost in Space

Big Dipper over Trinidad

(November 28, 2019) The planet hung silently in space. A tiny jewel in the blackness, it was a half-lit marble of greens and browns and blues and whites. But it was more than...

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The Night the Lights Went Out

(October 17, 2019) I grew up in a home off the grid. We moved there when I was a kid, starting with no electricity at all and using kerosene lamps for light. We...

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