Drunk in Public

Drunk in Public

The challenge and tragedy of policing a public health crisis

(September 14, 2017) In the long, hot month of August, as ash fell from the sky, the sun and moon did a brief astronomical dance and the public's attention darted from national tragedies...

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'Toward Danger'

Arcata Plaza shootout leaves officer wounded, suspect dead

(September 14, 2017) Twenty-six-year-old Ervin Eugene Sweat Jr. was wanted on a pair of warrants and facing imminent arrest when he stepped out of a Ford truck and opened fire on police officers,...

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(September 14, 2017) The Legal Notices section of the Sept. 7, 2017 edition of the North Coast Journal mistakenly substituted an old Property Tax Default (Delinquent) List from the Humboldt County Treasurer-Tax Collector,...

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'Tipped Over the Edge'

Eureka's apparent attempt to publicly shame Floyd Squires may backfire

(September 7, 2017) When city officials released a salacious, unsubstantiated, third-hand allegation of impropriety against the city's most notorious landlord, Eureka City Manager Greg Sparks says the action was meant to impart...

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Resisting Reparations

Rob Arkley's attempts to thwart Indian Island's return to the Wiyots

(September 7, 2017) Twenty days before he went on KINS Radio's "Talkshop" program and touched off a public firestorm by grumbling about the city of Eureka's "giving away" Indian Island to the...

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(September 7, 2017) The article headlined "Looking at a Statue Looking at the Stars" in the Aug. 31 edition of the Journal contained inaccurate information. John Hylton's show at Piante Gallery runs during...

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'The Hollow Men'

The life and death of Daren Borges

(September 7, 2017) Before the arrest and the sobering cell, long before the civil rights lawsuit or the $2.5 million verdict, there was a call for help. It was shortly after 2...

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Cemetery Rising

A small group of volunteers brings back Myrtle Grove, one marker at a time

(August 31, 2017) Two small gravestones with simple, hand-etched inscriptions rest side-by-side at Myrtle Grove Memorial Cemetery, quietly imparting the loss bore by Henry and Clara Reilinger. One is for their daughter, Amelia,...

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Shot in the Dark

With SB 277 fully in effect, parents explore shrinking options

(August 31, 2017) Despite fears, it appears that California Senate Bill 277, the controversial public health law that prohibits children from attending public school unless they have been vaccinated against a spectrum of...

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Strumming Up a Case

Local troubadour lead plaintiff in Eureka panhandling challenge

(August 31, 2017) Free speech or solicitation? A Humboldt County judge is slated to decide in October whether or not Oscar Leatherman, who has been busking in Eureka for three years, violated the...

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Recruit Then Retain

Who's coming to HSU and too many aren't staying

(August 24, 2017) When Alexander Enyedi arrived in town from Western Michigan in January of 2016 to take over as Humboldt State University's new provost and vice president of Academic Affairs, his United...

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County Warns Employees Personal Info May Have Been Compromised

(September 18, 2017) The county of Humboldt just sent a letter to all of its more than 2,000 employees, warning that their personal information — including driver's license numbers, social security numbers...

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TL;DR Drunk in Public

(September 17, 2017) Didn’t have time to read this week’s cover story? We get it. Summer just disappeared in a blink and now it's time to get ready for one of those famous...

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Trump Tax Return Bill Moves to Governor's Desk

(September 16, 2017) The California Legislature has passed a bill by North Coast Sen. Mike McGuire requiring presidential candidates to publicly release five years of tax returns before being placed on Golden State...

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