How California Got Tough on Guns

How California Got Tough on Guns

A report from CALmatters

(February 14, 2019) The modern American gun debate began on May 2, 1967, when 30 protesting members of the Black Panther Party marched into the California Capitol with loaded handguns, shotguns and rifles....

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How to Sound Smart About Guns: A Glossary

(February 14, 2019) Guns are complicated. So is gun policy. Here are some terms and phrases to help you make sense of it all. AR-15-style rifle: A particularly popular style of semi-automatic rifle,...

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Norwegian Company Casts Bid for Fish Farm

Question raised about timing and lack of public input

(February 14, 2019) If everything goes as planned, fresh fish raised in tanks on the now blighted former pulp mill site will be making its way across the West Coast in four...

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The Village Returns

Revamped plan pits the need for housing against neighborhood concerns

(February 14, 2019) When a controversial student housing project known as The Village came before the Arcata City Council last year, surrounding neighborhoods were concerned over the development's size before it stalled. Six...

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'Rid me of This Troublesome Priest'

How the Santa Rosa Diocese shuffled a quarter of its accused clergy to Humboldt's parishes and their children

(February 7, 2019) Earlier this month, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Santa Rosa took an unprecedented step — for the church, anyway — releasing a list naming 39 of its priests who...

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The Hidden Palace

Resurrecting Franz Bernau's mural in Ferndale's Church of the Assumption

(January 31, 2019) Franz Bernau was 37 years old when he first set foot in the United States, arriving Sept. 1, 1888, on the steamer Amsterdam, which sailed from Rotterdam in the...

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Getting out the Count

Volunteers work to survey the local homeless population

(January 31, 2019) Offering hot chili and coffee with a friendly smile, Jennifer Solis sat at a table in the Applebee's parking lot surveying Eureka's homeless population as part of the biennial Point...

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'We're Coming Home'

The unprecedented return of Indian Island to the Wiyot Tribe

(January 24, 2019) It was an unusual request for the drab, staid confines of Eureka City Council Chambers. "Do I have time to sing you a song?" she asked from the podium. "Sure,"...

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On the Go-Slow

Supes turn to community process after zoning outcry

(January 24, 2019) Yielding to massive public pressure, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors backed off from a giant re-zoning effort Jan. 15 and instead adopted a go-slow planning process that could take...

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Woo-Woo and the Hammer

ResolutionCare and its mission to revolutionize the system

(January 17, 2019) The weekly staff meeting begins with the ringing of a Tibetan prayer bowl. ResolutionCare's entire staff — social workers, administrators, nurses, community health workers, clinicians, a chaplain, an "office...

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As Heroin Addiction Increases, Humboldt Sees a Surge in Drug Seizures

(January 17, 2019) Just three drug busts between August and November — including one of the largest in recent history — helped push the amount of heroin seized by the Humboldt County...

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Officials Brace for Sea Level Rise

The ocean is rising, placing almost two-thirds of Humboldt's ag land in jeopardy

(January 17, 2019) As sea levels inexorably rise, various public agencies have been working locally to find a defensive strategy to protect vulnerable bottomlands from inundation. This is a challenging enterprise. The cities...

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'Overwhelmingly White'

Amid diversity concerns, the Eureka Women's March comes to a crossroads

(January 10, 2019) From the outside looking in, the announcement came like the explosive crack of a falling tree limb after its center gives way, under too much pressure to bear its...

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Hundreds of Federal Employees Shut Down in Humboldt

North Coast services brace for impact, should impasse continue into February

(January 10, 2019) In one of his first acts with the newly seated House of Representatives, North Coast Congressman Jared Huffman joined his Democrat colleagues in voting to pass two bills to end...

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North Coast Night Lights

The skies of Humboldt County

(January 3, 2019) Long have I been fascinated by photographing light in the dark of night. Other photographic interests come and go, but that one is always present, a constant pull on my...

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Radioman Goes Live

The Hollenbecks' play about military veterans debuts at Dell'Arte

(January 3, 2019) A couple of months ago, Eric and Viviana Hollenbeck were having a quiet dinner with longtime friends Michael Fields and his wife Lynnie Horrigan. They talked about the Blue Ox...

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