'Blue on Blue'

'Blue on Blue'

How pledging loyalty to the same gang put two Humboldt teenagers on a homicidal path

(December 6, 2018) It was a drizzly Monday afternoon in mid-December of 2014 when Maria Romero and her daughter Jennifer Garcia-Romero ventured down to Eureka's Cooper Gulch to meet Jesus, Romero's 14-year-old...

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'A Miracle Didn't Happen'

Abalone season could be shuttered for another two years

(December 6, 2018) When the California Fish and Game Commission took the unprecedented step last year of shutting down the North Coast's 2018 red abalone season, the idea was to give the...

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Flash Fiction 2018

(November 29, 2018) Got time for a tale? Just a quickie? Sure you do, especially if it's only 99 words. This year contributors spun miniature yarns rife with family drama, internal battles,...

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The New Zealand Invaders

Tiny snails bring big threat to North Coast waterways

(November 29, 2018) About the last thing Northern California needs right now is another environmental crisis, especially one that affects the already beleaguered salmon population. Consequently, scientists were not happy to learn that...

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Residents Only: Eureka's First True Ward Election

(November 29, 2018) When Eureka voters were preparing two years ago to vote on whether to change course on how they selected council members, they were meet with divergent views on what such...

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North Coast Legislator Heading Effort to Identify Fire Victims

(November 22, 2018) North Coast Assemblyman Jim Wood was 6,000 miles away from his home district, on a legislative study trip in Chile, when he got word Nov. 12 that he needed to...

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'Restoring Trust'

Five questions for Arcata Police Chief Brian Ahearn

(November 22, 2018) Newly minted Arcata Police Chief Brian Ahearn was all smiles and excitement when he sat down with the Journal Nov. 15, his uniform pressed and new, less than a week...

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'I am These People'

Artist Brian D. Tripp and the land of the fix-the-world people

(November 15, 2018) I saw the place the Karuk call the center of the world in a painting before going there for real. It was marked with a sleek isosceles triangle, blue...

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Changing the Landscape

As fires rage in California, TREX tries to blaze a better trail

(November 15, 2018) Last week, as wildfires sparked to the south and east of Humboldt County that would soon come to devastate large parts of the state and capture national attention, organizers...

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McKinleyville Water Rates Set to Spike

Residents confused, frustrated by 26 percent increase over five years

(November 15, 2018) Some McKinleyville residents are up in arms overp increases in their water and sewer bills. The new rates, which go into effect Jan. 1, will continue to rise each...

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Three Humboldt trans people on the fight to be themselves

(November 8, 2018) On Oct. 21, the New York Times reported that the Trump administration had begun circulating a memo outlining its plan to roll back the federal government's definition of gender...

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'Sunshine Every Day'

Remembering the short life of Key'Maan Stringer

(November 8, 2018) When professor Rae Robison first met Key'Maan Stringer during the orientation for incoming students in Humboldt State University's Department of Theatre, Film and Dance in August, the 19-year-old freshman...

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Sadie's Story

A sixth grader shares her experiences with racism in Arcata

(November 8, 2018) Editor's note: This story contains offensive language. It is the Journal's policy not to alter direct quotations or to censor language, no matter how offensive, as it runs the risk...

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Crimes from the Past

Historical society gives new life to forgotten jail ledgers

(November 1, 2018) Recorded in the eloquent handwritten script of a bygone era, a set of recently rediscovered ledgers contains more than just a list of the individuals who were led through...

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A bar row stabbing highlights Arcata's spiking violent crime rate

(November 1, 2018) Initial reports are that the altercation that ultimately left a 26-year-old Eureka man bleeding to death on an Arcata sidewalk began over a hat, or some other piece of clothing,...

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'Catch Me If You Can!!'

A notorious Humboldt County bank robber and the detective who caught him. Twice.

(October 25, 2018) It was shortly after noon on April 7, 2010 and Eureka's Problem Oriented Policing team was staking out room 103 at the Comfort Inn, a mustard-colored hotel on South...

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