Waste to Worms: A Local Business Keeps Trash out of the Landfill

Waste to Worms: A Local Business Keeps Trash out of the Landfill

A local business keeps trash out of landfills

(April 18, 2019) Think about making a cake. You have all of the necessary ingredients: flour, sugar, baking powder, whole milk, eggs and oil. Those are the basic ingredients you need to...

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KHSU Gutted, Leaving Station's Future Uncertain

(April 18, 2019) The dismantling of Humboldt State University's public radio station was sudden and swift. Less than 48 hours after the administration announced sweeping changes at KHSU — including the "indefinite...

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Artists without Galleries

What happens to Humboldt's art scene when its venues disappear?

(April 11, 2019) Frowny-face graffiti sprouted all over Eureka and Arcata last month. The message was a buzzkill, but anyone could admire the economy of the streamlined bummer emoticon: two vertical slashes...

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County Counsel Files Claim Alleging Retaliation

(April 11, 2019) The county of Humboldt's lead attorney Jeffrey Blanck filed a claim for damages April 4 alleging he was placed on paid administrative leave after raising concerns about an outside...

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Looking Upriver: Anonymous Do-gooders Work to Promote Systemic Change in Humboldt

(April 4, 2019) There's an old fable about a village near a great river, a river used for drinking water, fishing and washing. One day a fisherman noticed someone floating downstream, unable to...

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Fairs Cancel Poultry Shows Amid Newcastle Disease Fears

Taking no risks as Newcastle takes toll in SoCal

(April 4, 2019) Up until last month, the northern reaches of California seemed to have evaded the clutches of a devastating Virulent Newcastle disease outbreak in poultry that has resulted in state-imposed quarantine...

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The Foilies 2019: Recognizing the Year's Worst in Government Transparency

(March 28, 2019) The cause of government transparency finally broke through to the popular zeitgeist this year. It wasn't an investigative journalism exposé or a civil rights lawsuit that did it, but...

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If Prosecutors Can Get a Grand Jury to Indict a Sandwich, Why Couldn't They Get One to Indict Kyle Zoellner?

(March 28, 2019) There's an old courthouse adage that says a competent prosecutor could get a criminal grand jury to indict a ham sandwich, if he or she wanted. "It's ancient lore...

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County Settles Magney Case for $1 Million

Right-to-die lawsuit ends without the county admitting liability

(March 28, 2019) The county of Humboldt has agreed to pay a local woman $1 million to settle a civil lawsuit alleging employees purposely misled the court to secure orders that forced...

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Finding A Unicorn: Humboldt Growers Collaborate in a Quest to Find Superior Cannabis Genetics

(March 21, 2019) It's a cloudless late September day on the Humboldt Seed Co. near Orleans, which sits tucked above the Klamath River in the eastern-most stretches of Humboldt County. As a...

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Protests Follow Grand Jury's Decision Not to Indict Suspect in Lawson Case

(March 21, 2019) Red hats, scarfs and sweaters enveloped the exterior of the Humboldt County Courthouse and "Justice for Josiah" and "I stand with Charmaine Lawson" signs sat on the steps on...

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Digital Nomad: A Bipolar Man's Slow Slide into Homelessness in Humboldt

(March 14, 2019) With his head hung low and a purple, black eye cast to the ground, Robert Stretton crossed the street outside the Humboldt County Courthouse on the cold, rainy afternoon...

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Frustrations Mount in Klamath-Trinity School District

ACLU, advocates charge the district isn't doing enough for at-risk, Native youth

(March 14, 2019) It's pouring rain in Hoopa. The roads are slick with ice and snow is about to fall as roughly half a dozen people shuffle into a small room for...

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'Witnessing a Miracle': The Story of Two Young Sisters Lost in the Woods and the Frantic Search to Find Them

(March 6, 2019) 10:32 a.m., Sunday, March 3 Humboldt County Sheriff William Honsal is running late for a hastily scheduled press conference that's been called in the face of an onslaught of...

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Hoopa's Long Wait for a Grocery Store is Over

(March 6, 2019) On Monday, semi-trucks lined up outside of the new Hoopa Shopping Center waiting to unload pallets of groceries. Inside, more than a dozen new employees swiftly stocked shelves, learned...

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Wild: Talia Rose Photographs the South Fork of the Eel River

Talia Rose has spent more than a decade documenting her little stretch of the South Fork of the Eel River

(February 28, 2019) When most people think wildlife photography, their minds wander to far off jungles and frozen tundra, exotic animals and out-of-reach summits. But that's not Talia Rose. For 12 years, Rose...

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