Goodbye, Chief

Goodbye, Chief

Lovefest at the Wharfinger

(July 27, 2017) Downstairs at Eureka's Wharfinger Building, a man is sleeping on a bench next to his bike. Upstairs, the family of Thomas McClain, a 22-year-old Eureka resident shot dead by Eureka...

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'The People's Chief'

Mills leaves Eureka almost universally liked and that in itself is extraordinary

(July 27, 2017) Andrew Mills had just finished lunch and was strolling through Old Town on a Thursday afternoon, just about 24 hours before his almost four-year tenure as Eureka's chief of police...

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It's Watson for the Interim

Meet the former theologian and substitute teacher leading EPD

(July 27, 2017) Steve Watson is not the kind of man who lets things go. Walking down Third Street, past the St. Vincent de Paul cafeteria, he initially passes the group of men...

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Who's Next?

With Mills' exit, Eureka gets busy searching for its next police chief

(July 27, 2017) Before former Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills had left the building, City Manager Greg Sparks was already setting the wheels in motion to find his replacement. As the Journal went...

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'Nothing in Writing'

Public defender testifies he lawyered but can't provide any documentation

(July 27, 2017) Local attorney Patrik Griego refiled his lawsuit last week, alleging that Humboldt County Public Defender David Marcus fails to meet minimum state qualifications for his post. And this time, Griego...

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Dates with David Marcus

An updated timeline of the Public Defender's controversial hiring

(July 27, 2017) December, 2016 — Humboldt County Public Defender Kevin Robinson retires. Feb. 8, 2017 — The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors announces the hire of David Marcus as Humboldt's next public...

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Oh, Mercy

How the Humboldt Wildlife Care Center keeps wild animals wild

(July 20, 2017) The patient lets out a low, chittering growl, a warning. Lucinda Adamson reaches down and lifts him up onto the scale, her thick leather gloves protecting her from the juvenile...

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Siren Song

Tsunami warning system rides out budget

(July 20, 2017) When an earthquake that struck a string of remote islands off Russia was revised up to a magnitude-7.7 on July 17, the National Tsunami Warning Center issued a tsunami advisory...

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Buddy's Blues

A bluesman goes back on the road

(July 13, 2017) It's 11 p.m. on a Saturday and the parking lot outside the Speakeasy echoes with rough, jangly guitar. Inside the packed bar, Buddy Reed, all 5 foot 6 of him,...

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Off the Top

What California's audit of a skilled nursing giant might find

(July 13, 2017) "We're understaffed almost every single day. Sometimes we don't have enough soap or towels," said Maria Martinez at a recent hearing before California's Joint Legislative Audit Committee. Martinez, a certified...

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The Journal's annual photo contest

(July 6, 2017) Stunning sunsets. Lupine fields. Towering redwoods. Races. Parades. Smiles. Protests. Stolen moments (we see you, couple kissing in the hollowed out stump!). We asked you to think about the word...

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Public Defender's Job May Rest on His Words

(July 6, 2017) The future of Public Defender David Marcus' so-far short but contested tenure could rest on the answers he gave under oath to a local attorney and one-time member of the...

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Up and Down in Del Norte

A timeline of recent events in the Del Norte County district attorney's office

(June 29, 2017) November, 2002 Michael Riese wins his first bid to become Del Norte County district attorney. He had previously served in the position on an interim basis after a previous DA...

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Three Strikes

Another DA down in Del Norte

(June 29, 2017) The office had just emerged from what Del Norte County Assistant District Attorney Katherine Micks describes as "a very dark time," and there was, she says, a genuine sense...

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Writing a New Story

Creating a legacy for Fortuna man killed in school shooting

(June 29, 2017) A Fortuna author is using her work to convert a family tragedy into an opportunity for others. Jennifer Bailey, who writes young adult fiction under the pen name J. Lynn...

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Get to Work

As schools push toward 'measured and mandated,' a local jewel may be lost unless a community and an industry come together to save it

(June 22, 2017) At a little house on Maplewood Drive, the radio is tuned to KRED and a country song swings its way across the windswept, sunny lot in McKinleyville's newest 32-acre subdivision....

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