Something Old Something New

Music from Datura Blues and The Penner Sisters

(December 24, 2020) It's the darkest month in what will likely be remembered as an extremely dark year, and most of us are cloistered away from our friends, music and culture. So...

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Hungry For Love

Clean Girl & the Dirty Dishes' album Out of the Skillet and into the Frying Pan

(December 3, 2020) When I find myself in times of trouble, dear reader, Mother Mary sometimes comes to me and speaking words of wisdom, and says, "Hey Collin, quit lying about like a...

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Songs from Synthetic Summer Camp

Huddyglo's Sports E.P.

(September 10, 2020) Every summer has its share of feel-good albums and hits made just for the season. I don't know when this tradition began but it had to have been during...

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Monumental Changes

White Manna's Arc

(August 13, 2020) Hi, everybody! It is I, your erstwhile guide into Humboldt's groovy and often chaotic world of music. On the topic of chaos, how is everyone since I last spoke to...

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Muddy and Metal Mashup

(April 10, 2021) Local coffee purveyor Muddy Waters Coffee Co. has a fan. Last year Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett's people reached out to say he's been ordering the coffee online and wanted to...

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SoHum Girls Streaming Live from the Arcata Playhouse this Saturday

(April 9, 2021) Listen up, live music lovers — David Ferney at Arcata Playhouse has some news. “The Arcata Playhouse is back with live music. We are now doing live-streamed shows at the...

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