Entertained to Death

Entertained to Death

(May 25, 2017) Technology giveth, and technology taketh away. I've been pondering this thought for a while now. I won't claim to be a fully out-of-the-closet Luddite, but compared to many — my...

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About Bob

(May 18, 2017) My freshman year in high school, I'd hitch rides to school with my friend Cameron and his mother. Cameron and I would groggily listen to cassettes his older brother gave...

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(May 11, 2017) It's never easy nail down a music genre. As with many things ineffable, the more you describe them, the more elusive they seem. Much like quantum physics, the more microscopic...

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(May 4, 2017) There's a lot that makes Humboldt stand out among the other 57 rather bleh counties in our great state. (OK, Mendocino is pretty cool. And Trinity has the Trinity River,...

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Looking for America

(April 27, 2017) Among the few American songwriters who have profoundly impacted the American Songbook as I hazily define it, most would agree Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan are somewhere toward the top...

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4 + 20 More

(April 20, 2017) Humboldt has its own complicated and multifaceted relationship with its best-known cash crop. Whether you are hip enough to call it cannabis or still call it "the dope," it's tough...

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There and Back Again, a Musician's Tale

(April 13, 2017) We here in Humboldt are lucky. It's easy to forget but deep down we know that. We live in a rural part of the state that's hard to get to...

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Parties, Pre-Parties and Celebrations

(April 6, 2017) Thursday Get your string thing on tonight — sounds dirtier than I planned it — down at The Jam in Arcata where local string bands Thursday Night Bluegrass and The...

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The Godfather

(March 30, 2017) Just like many of you, I can remember exactly where I was when I first heard James Brown. I was a kid riding along in my mother's car in...

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Music in the Time of Crisis

(March 23, 2017) Every year it's harder to tell the next generation borrowing money for college is a good idea. Tuitions are on the rise — imagine them ever going down! — and...

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Don't Let Me Fall

(March 16, 2017) It's one of those great weekends where we have a chance to hear one of our hardworking local bands draw a line in the musical sand and commit its work...

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A Dylan-esque Celebration

(May 26, 2017) Highway 299 (OK, State Route) led to a great sunset view of the Blue Lake skyline for Wednesday night’s seventh annual Bob Dylan Birthday Bash at the Mad River...

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