Stop and Hear the Roses

Stop and Hear the Roses

(July 20, 2017) It's not often that I'm impressed with the trajectory of humankind. I wonder if we've hit a plateau and just can't biologically evolve in any significant relation anymore to the...

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Folklife and the Trane

(July 13, 2017) Thursday The Humboldt Folklife Festival continues tonight at the Carlo Amphitheatre with "Bluegrass and Beyond" starting at 6 p.m. You'll hear from locals The Compost Mountain Boys and Clean Livin'...

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Get the Folk Up

(July 6, 2017) Thursday You might want to start getting comfortable up in Blue Lake in the run up to the Humboldt Folklife Festival. Start off this evening at the Mad River Brewery...

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Musical Drag

(June 29, 2017) I wasn't on top of my game enough to get in a column relevant to the other week's Unpopular Opinions theme but I thought, even though late, why wouldn't I...

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For Want and for Need

(June 22, 2017) Summertime is here, and we're all hoping the living will be easy. To make that possibility that much less certain, my wife and I decided to cut our children off...

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The Kids are All Right

(June 15, 2017) As I wrote this column on Sunday evening in my "office" (a shed in our backyard) a serendipitous moment occurred. Over the occasional sounds of our dogs barking at absolutely...

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Kicking Off Summer

(June 8, 2017) Thursday Electric-acoustic "mayhem" are on the bill this evening at the Mad River Brewery Tap room in Blue Lake at 6 p.m. Returning to the outdoor stage is Kaptain Kirk's...

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Rock Rock

(June 1, 2017) Where did "Southern Rock" come from? The easiest answer is "The South" but you already knew that. Things get a bit more complicated after that. With a measure of...

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Entertained to Death

(May 25, 2017) Technology giveth, and technology taketh away. I've been pondering this thought for a while now. I won't claim to be a fully out-of-the-closet Luddite, but compared to many — my...

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About Bob

(May 18, 2017) My freshman year in high school, I'd hitch rides to school with my friend Cameron and his mother. Cameron and I would groggily listen to cassettes his older brother gave...

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(May 11, 2017) It's never easy nail down a music genre. As with many things ineffable, the more you describe them, the more elusive they seem. Much like quantum physics, the more microscopic...

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Scenes from the Folklife Fest

(July 18, 2017) The week-long Humboldt Folklife Festival in its 39th year drew large crowds to its events this year, according to Patrick Cleary, one of the many Humboldt Folklife Society members who...

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Parade Fun in the Sun (With Costumed Goat!)

(July 14, 2017) In case you missed it, the 50th annual Annie and Mary Parade in Blue Lake on Sunday featured its usual eclectic mix of participants, ranging from giant puppets, costumed children...

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