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More Boos for Buhne 


If Ryan Hurley is going to write about "Ranking the News," ("Game of Groans," July 3), he should take the time to inform himself about news sources elsewhere in the county. The Southern Humboldt Life and Times has been defunct for several years. It was purchased and resuscitated as the Redwood Times. A reader who doesn't know otherwise would think that they're both still in print, AND that they're the only newspapers in Southern Humboldt. Incidentally, I used to be a staff writer for The Independent, which you didn't even bother to mention. Maybe it wasn't part of Mr. Huddon-Cossar's study because it wasn't online. Maybe Hurley should have asked him that before commenting on affairs in SoHum.

Cristina Bauss, Arcata


I wasn't going to say anything, but now that others have raised the topic ("Letters," July 3), I agree that the Journal would be a better magazine without the bombast of the Buhne Tribune. Thank you.

Susan Nolan, McKinleyville

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