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Re: “Deconstruction Misunderstood

The "Diversity Agenda" is especially revealing when HSU is limiting enrollment. Will poorly qualified applicants be given priority, while higher qualified applicants, and locals are turned away from pursuing degrees?? There's no reason why any student should have their race or gender ripped apart by faculty at HSU. No students of any race but Whites have supposed to endure that kind of treatment. Enough Cultural Marxism already!! http://www.midwestfreepress.com/2009/08/22/cultural-marxism-and-the-decline-of-western-civilization/

Posted by Mick on 11/20/2009 at 10:52 AM

Re: “Studies in Race

[Deleted: white-rage, anti-Semitism]

Posted by Adama on 11/13/2009 at 7:50 PM

Re: “Studies in Race

As far as critical thinking abilities go, I believe I have an "A" from the class in it I took at HSU. The posts here are valid arguments except for Third Eye's ad hominim attack, and Mr. Sims ad hominim reference to our 'internet lairs'. I don't feel 'held back' by minorities. I do well in my profession, in my continuing studies at HSU, and have been elected and served in public office in Humboldt County. My objections are that my race, my heterosexuality, my family orientation, and my Protestantism are allowed to be demeaned in classes conducted by a wannabe social elite whose real agenda is to rip apart White cultural and society by any and all means and have had to 'do research' to find out what it is to be White so they can better 'deconstruct White society'. That is what I am talking about here. That is what I am objecting to. Not only that, this wannabe social elite pushes an artificially created legitimization of homosexuality on gullible kids who are in the process of finding out who and what they're going to be in life, as if it was the best thing since sliced bread, which it is absolutely not. Let them figure things out for themselves, don't push corrupted social agendas on them. Such agendas should be no part of Education. Nor should students and the public at large be exposed to them, especially not our Elementary School children who are being forced fed these same agendas from an early age by the cultural Marxists. Such ideas should be thrown into the ashcan of history and burned immediately. The idea of "White privilege" is easily dispelled simply by shopping at WINCO in Eureka a few times, where one will discover what's really happening to Whites in our community, while Mexicans and other minorities are being trucked in to take the few jobs we have. Such research does not require multimillion dollar grants. All one must do is open their eyes to what is going on around them.

Posted by Adama on 11/13/2009 at 11:10 AM

Re: “Ivory Tower Brass

I too am surprised that President Richmond would twist what Ms. Brown wrote. I've been supportive of President Richmond, and countered his detractors both on and off campus. However this twisting of Ms. Browns writing, and his apparent ignoring of anti White racism and bigotry that's being promoted by certain faculty makes me question my support.

Posted by Adama on 11/12/2009 at 7:42 AM

Re: “Ivory Tower Brass

The rape rate in Humboldt County is 2.63 times the national rate. What effect is this 'Diversity' agenda and the drive to bring in more minorities having on that? Is it the cause? In 2005, according to Federal crime statistics, Blacks raped 37,000 Whites, while no White raped a Black. At first it was thought 10 or 15 Whites had raped Blacks, but then it was discovered that some areas count Mexicans as White. When that was adjusted for, no Whites raped a Black in 2005. It becomes obvious, when crime statistics are studied, the more Blacks and other minorities that are brought into an area, the more crime increases. Now who is raping who? And what color are they here in Humboldt County? What part does HSU's 'Diversity agenda' play in this? And how do we bring an end to this disgraceful statistic in our county??

Posted by Adama on 11/11/2009 at 10:45 PM

Re: “Studies in Race

More dismissive attitude by the North Coast Journal. I'll be picking up a copy to note your advertisers, so I'll know where not to shop.

Posted by Adama on 11/11/2009 at 10:26 PM

Re: “Studies in Race

Indeed, those who push 'diversity' on campuses are a vile and fascist lot nationwide. There is no 'discussion' of these issues in most classes. Stopping them from pushing Anti White racism and bigotry is goes unheard. Indeed one may find themselves on academic charges at some universities simply for voicing objections to having their race, male gender, heterosexuality, family centric orientation, and their religion denigrated by certain faculty. It's 'their way or the hiway'. Whites are forced to listen to their race, their gender - if they're male, their religion - if they're Protestant, their family centered orientation, and their sexuality - if they're anything but gay or pro gay, being ran into the ground and publicly denigrated. This is not the 'American way'. You call this 'Diversity'? I call it hell. I call it a force fed lie. I call it Communist Indoctrination into an agenda designed to create White guilt, and White Genocide in the end. Another "Diversity" Professor President Richmond might consider is Professor Kamu Kambon. Professor Kambon will speak for himself. He too is looking for a job the last I heard. He's highly qualified and speaks well of the overall objective of the "Diversity Agenda". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMOkDOXAovQ Or since a very large percentage of the "Diversity" professors are Jewish, perhaps they could bring Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, head of the Yitzhar settlement in the occupied West Bank for at least a seminar in Jewish thought on 'Diversity'. I quote from the Rabbi's excellent assessments of "Diversity". Quote Kill Enemy Children: Jewish Edict
Tuesday, 10 November 2009 19:01 A Jewish rabbi has issued a book giving Jews permission to murder non-Jews, including babies and children who pose an actual or potential threat to Jews or Israel. Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, head of the Yitzhar settlement in the occupied West Bank, says: “It is permissible to kill the Righteous among non-Jews even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation.” Shapiro writes in his book The King’s Torah: “If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments…there is nothing wrong with the murder.” Shapiro claims his edict “is fully justified by the Torah and the Talmud.” The anti-goyem edict came in response to the arrest by Israeli police of a Jewish terrorist who confessed to murdering two Palestinians in the West Bank. The terrorist, a US-born immigrant named Yaakov Teitel, also confessed to trying to assassinate leftist Jewish figures. Source Unquote The above are just a few examples of what the "Diversity" agenda is really about.

Posted by Adama on 11/10/2009 at 6:33 PM

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