Sweat the Small Stuff

(March 30, 2017) When I check my phone for news updates, all the stories seem like so much noise. I want to shut it all off. There's the report of something Congress didn't...

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Press Time

(February 23, 2017) For a long time citizen journalists annoyed me. I blamed them for destroying the news profession. If people gave away work for free, why would anyone pay a journalist...

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(January 26, 2017) I'd be powerless against the force of Kellyann Conway, the Trump spokesperson who turns provable falsehoods into "alternative facts." I'll believe anything someone tells me, as long as it is...

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Smarten Up

(November 17, 2016) Last week, half the nation elected a man who doesn't read over the smartest candidate who has ever run for office. That it shocked me shocks me. Why the hell...

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Sign of Something

(October 27, 2016) There is something weird about this election: the almost total absence of campaign signs and bumper stickers, at least in Arcata, where I live. On my ballot are important races for...

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Warning: This Column Contains Objectionable Material

(September 29, 2016) I won't watch violent movies or television shows alone. That's because when I know that an act of extreme violence is about to happen, I close my eyes and turn...

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Let it All Out

(August 25, 2016) It used to be way easier to keep a secret. It is pretty close to impossible these days. But it seems the harder it is to keep a secret, the...

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Make Them Care

(June 30, 2016) With all the craziness happening around the country and globe, I find I don't focus on what goes on in my own geographic world. But one recent story popped out:...

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(May 26, 2016) Earlier this year, a federal judge in San Francisco ruled that a macaque monkey in Indonesia did not have the right to control use of the world's greatest selfie....

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Get It

(April 28, 2016) If I had to pick a fictional character I'm most like, it would be Fancy Nancy, the girl in a series of books by children's author Jane O'Connor. She loves...

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