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Re: “Defense Attorneys Urge Supes to Scrap Public Defender Hire, Start Over

BOS BS scrap the whole it too much to hope and dream for? Real humans conscious candidates to replace the gang on BOS? We need a lot, I mean a lot of competent help!

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Posted by Meaghan Simpson on 02/26/2017 at 10:30 PM

Re: “Eureka's Temporary Homeless Sleeping Areas Here to Stay

There IS a grim national housing and homelessness epidemic for now zooming along for over forty years that parallels the 1%, .1%, .01% economic wars on every aspect of life for our common good. We do not live in a democracy at all anymore. We live in a booming totalitarian
economic tsunami rising.

Fact: $10 minimum wage is impossible living income for just one healthy person. Gross $1600, net $1400 for Full time employment and you cannot even make enough unless you live in your parents basement and ride a bicycle or? Modest apt costs at least $900-$1200.

Fact: $15 minimum you're in the Fed Income Tax range, you gross over $24,999
Per year... So now you get taxed big whack for crossing the $24,999 tax line even barely, a big
chunk of your raised income gets withdrawn...even the $15 wage nets about $1800 max. Hey that is not enough for average rent, food, car, insurance. No matter how creatively poor you are. There's always the hump of 1st/last/deposit, utilities fees deposits, etc.

Fact: mental health is toxic sick and broken and not working for many citizens who are victimized by dangerous psyche MEDS causing more harm than good. CA is the leader of National Forced Vaccines agenda for we the 99%. Yes 200 new toxic vaccines for everyone from newborns to all adults rolling out now in CA totalitarian world gov medical totalitarianism.
200 new unproven vaccines which BIG VAXX cannot be sued for harms, disabilities or deaths due to vaccines. CA has always maintained our rights to waivers religious, medical and philosophical, but gov Brown has signed away all our rights and Brown quietly a couple years ago signed a new law that allows officials, schools, etc to vaccinate any child 12 years old or over, without ever informing parents or disclosing medical records. Right on the tails of first phase we are in now for all babies, pre-schoolers, K-12, college age... Comes the first time ever new 200 Forced vaccines for all adults. Do your research this is going National with CDC public comments closed oct 14, 2016. People wake up SICKCARE is coming for you and everyone on earth VAXX, VAXX, VAXX. NO DAMM WAY!!! The details are way into threatening healthcare professionals, daycare owners and staff, pre-schoolers, everyone may be taken into custody and held against your will for 72 hours for inspections and treatments, without contact with your family, doctors, lawyers, etc! People recently took this law to a court in San Diego County where it was heard by a judge heavily funded by BIG VAXX!

Fact: many many residential properties that used to be available for rentals to local residents are now: 1. Custom luxury bed & bath furnished rentals for well to do visitors and locals willing able to pay very hefty prices of $140---sky's the limit---per day. Lots of rentals all over Humboldt County serving people from all over the world, not locals. Big time difference over past 15 years! Very hard to find Sec. 8 landlords!

Fact: many many residential properties that used to be available for rentals to locals residents
are now Grow houses. Tons of grow houses. People bought for hefty prices and/or pay big rent over priced for housing, but growers pay high.

Fact: our national, state and county funding for affordable healthy housing funding has been cut way back by Bushes, CLINTONS, OBAMA. Every year in these economic and environmental wars of establishment oligarchy over past 40 years have caused more and more needs for low income earners, disabled, military vets and seniors, while at same time BIG gov cancelled and cut cut cut Section 8s to the bone in spite of rising needs. Long term locals are on waiting lists for sec 8 and/or senior housing for 3, 4, 5 years!

Hey USA fed gov has stolen $trillions from Social Security Trust Accounts for decades and given our citizens SS funds to oh so bloated wasteful totally unaccountable pentagon military complex... That audits show find over $8.86 Trillions "missing" from Army unaccountable accounts from just the past year! There are mega $trillions missing from USA military forever! Rise up and PeopleForThe How many years we are terrorized by USA fed gov at war on our citizens by planning to cut (steal), privatize, evaporate, devalue our Social Security trust accounts and lie, rob, cheat, cut, lie, loot, steal and kill. Social Security has been denied actual cost of living increases by USA fed gov for decades and recent years NO COLA! If you think minimum wage is low, try SS income $1000 per month
=$6.25 per hour for 160 hours.

Vote Jill Stein launch 3rd Party of Greens conscience now. Ca DEMS rigged for HRC so vote your conscience.

Our County General Plan has been held up for way too many years, by Humboldt County General Plan failures over and over to meet our state's requirements to provide "affordable housing".

My 501(c)3 had a mission to provide ECO demonstrations site ECO-co-housing with safe healthy methods and materials ( cob/straw bale/adobe) and solar power. We need healthy nontoxic green affordable housing. Many low income residential rentals are very toxic from materials such as ply woods, wall panelling, carpets, paints, concretes, floorings, heating sources, molds,
and other "sick building" syndromes cause indoor air to be 10 times more polluted than even outdoor air. Materials new especially are OUTGASSING 100,s of air borne poison PETRO chemicals and curtains, sofas! bean bags! stuffed toys full of poison "flame retardant chemicals"
Causing serious harms. Our goal was to develop a Certified construction team with Solar Energy International they come here and assist building and solar as trainers and the enrollees pay tuition and perform labor as volunteers students who are certified while we learn and build.
Many referrals of their successful endeavors. in Colorado goes worldwide.

Posted by Meaghan Simpson on 10/28/2016 at 2:53 PM

Re: “A No-Win GMO Label Law

Well, I have left my comments at length. But your NCJ posting of comments system... After I posted... Your system posted my comments with a bright yellow frame border line... And a tag sign on top said, "Hold for 5 minutes to edit or delete".

What's up? I posted some very vital important sources for community edification about big global crisis with GMO everything!

I hope my comments content is NOT deleted!

Does your comments posting system ONLY allow a maximum of so many characters?
It did not state any limits before or after my pressing POST.

I will send this my 2nd comments post and seen what happens.

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Posted by Meaghan Simpson on 08/11/2016 at 10:11 PM

Re: “A No-Win GMO Label Law

Hi Barry! GMO everything is monopoly monster madness mergers mounting...yes it is only getting way worse with GMO super weeds crisis global crisis new mega new GMO super poison
Pesticides to try and control super weeds by GMO... All the SCI-FI horror shows of wacko weird fake foods products are pumping out of GMO labs faster than you can have massive nightmares about fake foods full of poisons... New editions and renditions churning. This is not going away anytime soon.

The worst of the worst world order secret global corporate gov pacts from hell, the TPP - TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP pact from hell is hostile coup by over 666 mega multinational corporations buying our national, state, county and city legal sovereignty from WA, DC criminals politicos willing to sell USA and our planet Earth out and destroy everything for pennies on the $billions and $trillions for their owners profiteers MONSANTO and others.

Many millions of people around the world and 90% of USA citizens oppose GMOs. USA is part of 7 massive events been held, GLOBAL MARCHES AGAINST MONSANTO...and all the nations where GAFTA and NATT filthy dirty trade deals with MONSANTO corp invading INDIA taking over lands and farms and wiping out the local healthy heirloom organic crops the indigenous farmers have been successfully growing for centuries. This ever unfolding heart wrenching story of horrors of India's farmers wiped out SOOO stolen lives. Over 300,000 farmers have committed suicides because their ability to farm traditionally has been stolen! This is just one of the horror stories from other nations! This is the GLOBAL nightmare come out of Clinton's GAFTA NATT sick deals for HRC's big cronies client and campaign manager MONSANTO corp owns HRC since a young bitch lawyer! MSM does not cover the GLOBAL MARCHES AGAINST MONSANTO with mega millions of people so strong and articulate and boldly courageous! USA gov is sabotaging our common will and good and driving our standards into the darkest dumpster. Traitors.
We are getting screwed while RUSSIA bans all GMO and Russian AG is heirloom certified organic
With happy pollinators of all kinds. 70 nations either outright BAN GMOS or require GMO full disclosures on labels. 70 nations OUTSIDE the USA.

Much evidence for 20 years that over 90% of us USA citizens demand TRUTH on labels, every ingredient. What do we get? Nothing. We have demanded full disclosures of BIG CHEM poison PETRO fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, pesticides. The vast majority of USA citizens are on record for TOTAL BANS on EVERYTHING GMO. We want to be honest articulate adults DAMM it and claim the best standards in the world, not the worst which is what WA, DC 90% whores for the 1% poison PETRO corporations BIG AG BIZ committing crimes against humanity, the rights of heirloom organic nature and all living things.

This GMO issue just keeps on expanding with USA big gov who DO NOT CARE!
We do not get to vote. the deep secret global gov, by, for and of the corporations. We really must engage with our leaders globally and in USA for in depth full circle community awareness of this war on our health and safety that has polluted our planet egregiously so that killer Roundup ingredient, glyphosate is everywhere and part of climate crisis and it all rolls down into our sick oceans.

Good comparison is our fake corrupt democracy for decades bursting broken big time reality TV casino circus crimes on steroids, fixed, rigged, tampered, manipulated, illegal, immoral, most obscenely overpriced ripoff poison 2016 presidential frauds elections in human history... What we got is the two most untrustworthy unpopular candidates ever. Like Julian Assange said who he would choose, said something went viral, "the choice is between cholera and syphilis. No choice!"

Please expand way beyond MSM gov news! Many wonderful USA alternative true news reporting, movies, books, foundations, forensic testing for purity and potentcy,

1. Health Ranger Mike Adams and Check out all the articles and searches, GMO madness.


3. ELIZABETH KUCINICH Foundation in WA, DC is the core of truth and light regards horrors of GMOs. Many leaders connected in our movement do explain this very evil complicated issue.
And is major source of information regards Regenerative AG transition of crops and pasture lands to Heirloom Certified Organic... The Problems AND the solutions! We are the walkers and talkers in the NEW EARTH uniting to transform our collective consciousness from empire based to earth based. Stop watching MSM and computer games and Help bring this foundation's light into our Humboldt community now!

4. Get the documentary movie "CONSUMED" award winning...

This is a conflict between real and fake.
Please make this a BIG cover story soon! I am glad our county was able to say no on a ballot to GMO, but we should be very wary about the corporations scamming to make GMO marijuana
working away in their mad scientist labs on all kinds of ways... Will GMO marijuana be way bigger than real heirloom marijuana?... Like GMO Salmon is on steroids. There are no doubt all kinds of weird seeds strains invading Humboldt with thousands upon thousands of illegal super grows by big greed heads for recreational MJ without any of our Medicinal Marijuana local heirloom organic strict standards. We are AG and we are being invaded. MONSANTO wants to own every seed strain on earth and they buy up every good old heirloom organic seeds companies they can buy for decades. They take all the seeds and put them in their vaults and hide them so GMO patented corporate owned seeds/plants that cannot reproduce fertile seeds..
And that brings us to the wild subject of real and fake seeds in our human dilemma. OY VAY my garden home is under SEIGE!

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Posted by Meaghan Simpson on 08/11/2016 at 9:29 PM

Re: “Wasting All that Sun

Good call Charles Hunter Wilson!
Seems like Estelle may suffer from a deficiency in Vitamin D and/or an overdose on TV!

After 33 years here in "the solar capital of the world" one can only wonder what kind of zombie pills and drugs and alcohol some of these capitalists immigrants are on!? If enough public pressure she may vote herself another big raise so we can pay for her solar! Then BOS will increase local taxes. Gov!

Posted by Meaghan Simpson on 08/11/2016 at 5:10 PM

Re: “The Escalation of 'Wild Bill'

JEEEEEEZ! Unbelievable! Only probation and living in our community! All these offenses?Money!? How much money did this guy keep putting out? No bail amounts or fines or fees are mentioned so just saying makes ya wonder how much money this guy put up and why he was not in prison when so many non-violent unarmed people are in high cost long term prisons for simple possession!!! How much cash maybe under the table?

Posted by Meaghan Simpson on 05/13/2016 at 11:04 AM

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