Tough to Defend

(April 20, 2017) Editor: Thank you for your efforts to keep us taxpayers informed regarding the hiring of the public defender for Humboldt County (NCJ Daily, April 13). Your coverage underscores the crucial...

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Foul Ball

(April 20, 2017) Editor: On KINS last week, County Supervisor Rex Bohn defended the supervisors' hiring of public defender David Marcus ("Let's Talk About Rex," April 13). Rex said he met with Marcus...

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Earthquake stories wanted

(April 20, 2017) Two Days That Shook Humboldt: With the 25th anniversary of the Cape Mendocino earthquakes coming up next week, the Journal invites our readers to share their memories of those two...

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Gone to Potter

(April 13, 2017) Editor: Your feature about the potters, Shannon and David, is a fine story ("Containment Strategy," March 30). I was leafing through a copy of the Journal while having lunch in...

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Women Needed

(April 13, 2017) Editor: What we have learned from the Trump administration is that we need leaders who are smarter, more experienced, hardworking, inclusive, compassionate, more helpful in their communities, less militaristic, enthusiastic...

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Reason to Reconsider

(April 6, 2017) Editor: The saga of the flawed hiring of the flawed county chief public defender continues. In the latest episode, all nine of the county public defenders signed a letter stating...

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Confusion Flows

(April 6, 2017) Editor: Ken Bates' letter in the March 30 Journal, "It All Flows Downriver," confused me. First, he reiterates the damage to our fisheries that is caused by marijuana farming in...

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Anonymous Returns

(April 6, 2017) Editor: The poem in last week's Journal by Te-geen Albers ("I am the Dammed Klamath River") gives us the name of a small book of poetry, I Know the Way of the Current, featuring...

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Goodbye, and Thanks

(March 30, 2017) Editor: As president of the Eureka Heritage Society, I can say that we were honored on Feb. 4 to hold our annual meeting at Roy's Club ("Last Night at Roy's,"...

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Sandbox Rules?

(March 30, 2017) Editor: Does the president think he rules from the sandbox? Time magazine has devoted an issue to the words of President Trump. The cover features the question, "Is Truth Dead?"...

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No Reception?

(March 30, 2017) Editor: When Thadeus Greenson mentioned in his article ("Slightly Less Awful," March 23) that there has never been a documented overdose death due to marijuana, it touched on something I've...

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Equal Pay Day

(March 30, 2017) Editor: This Tuesday, April 4, is equal pay day. Equal pay day is the day when women's earnings add up to men's earnings from the previous year. It may sound...

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Yes, Vulnerable

(March 30, 2017) Editor: Regarding "Who Are You Calling Vulnerable?" (Mailbox, March 23), in which a series of questions were posed by the author, pertaining to the "liberal progressive" notion of immigrant inclusion....

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It All Flows Downriver

(March 30, 2017) Editor: The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has thoroughly documented the extensive environmental damage caused by tens of thousands of "cannabis" grows in Humboldt and Mendocino counties. Stream diversion,...

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Who Are You Calling Vulnerable?

(March 23, 2017) Editor: Regarding "The Need for Sanctuary" (March 9), you often hear these days of "the need to protect those who are the most vulnerable in our society." Who decides who...

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Commenting on Cannabis

(March 23, 2017) Editor: You overlooked a vitally important topic in your Cannabis Issue (March 16). It also goes missing from marijuana regulations and discussions of "best practices." That topic is location. When...

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