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One can only pity the poor fellow who used (anti-) social media and an answering machine to grossly insult Molly Green ("Business Owner Doxxed Over Utility Box Art Spat," posted online May 22). Ms. Green simply expressed a legitimate opinion to her town's council in a public meeting. Mr. Nameless Somebody from Far Away is just another jerk among millions of jerks who abuse digital communication. He becomes (like all those others) instantly irrelevant.

As to the Box Art project's purpose to "... add a little sunshine to Eureka," well, a more artful Eureka Arts and Culture Commission might simply have arranged to have the utility boxes (with whatever is inside of them) buried underground. As they are now — painted or not — the boxes (as shown in the Journal article's accompanying photograph) resemble nothing more than abandoned refrigerators.

Jere Bob Bowden, Ferndale

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