HumBug: Pushing the Limits of Small

(January 11, 2018) Taking a break from splitting firewood, I noticed dozens of tiny creatures flying in the sunlight. Curious, I captured first a gall wasp, then a tiny rove beetle and,...

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HumBug: Winter Butterflies

(January 7, 2018) The winter solstice is passed but I can't see any lengthening in the days yet. It's almost not worth waking up for — at least it might seem that...

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Long Distance Voyager

(January 4, 2018) You decide to store your car in a garage, return to it 37 years later, jump in and turn the ignition key. If it starts right away, you deem it...

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HumBug: Heartworm

(December 31, 2017) I caught a new bug recently. Unfortunately, it was not the kind I could skewer with a pin and put in a frame, but the kind where you're supposed...

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Your Parasites' Parasites

The life-sustaining gray whale

(December 28, 2017) If you are presently trying to wake yourself up in a coffee shop, for example, go ahead and fold this paper up and take it home. Wait until you are...

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Take Two Aspirin

(December 21, 2017) It's a geezer thing. We old dudes typically start losing hair in our 60s, the crowns of our heads being the first to go — hence the monks' tonsure look....

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Predators and Paparazzi

(December 14, 2017) Ground Beetles Tip over a rock and you'll likely encounter something. Frequently, you'll see a black beetle a little smaller than a pumpkin seed scurry away from the light. These...

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HumBug: Bugs in the Wood

(December 14, 2017) In July, PG&E sent a crew to take down some big trees on its easement across the back of my property. I had no objection, as this area is...

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HumBug: Ground Beetles

(December 7, 2017) Tip over a rock and you're likely to encounter something. Frequently, you'll see a black beetle a little smaller than a pumpkin seed scurry away. They really don't like...

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Nobel Sexism

(December 7, 2017) Cover up the next paragraph and take a guess at how many women have won the Nobel Prize for Physics, awarded to 206 people since its inception in 1901. And...

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Dying and Destitute

(January 16, 2018) Craig and Lisa Smith are running out of time. They’re dying. He has congestive heart failure and a cancer eating at his kidney. She has a severe respiratory illness...

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UPDATE: Blue Lake Area Rezoning Could Threaten Water Supply, Says District Manager

(January 12, 2018) UPDATE: The Humboldt County Planning Commission ultimately approved the project that will see Mercer Fraser establish a cannabis extraction process near where much of Humboldt County sources its water along...

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Interior Releases Draft Plan to Open North Coast Waters to Oil Drilling

(January 4, 2018) This morning the Trump administration announced  sweeping plans to increase offshore oil drilling around the country, including in Northern California. U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke released the draft...

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