Westworld vs. Realworld

Westworld vs. Realworld

(July 27, 2017) Along with my views on the utility of miniaturized modular nuclear reactors ("Nuclear Batteries," June 15), I suppose the opinion that generates the most unpopular reaction is my belief that...

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HumBug: Ow! The Lady Stings

(July 23, 2017) I usually discourage folks from bringing me insects since I do not actively collect, but when my son told me he had what he thought was a very fuzzy,...

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Poke Pole Fishing

Forget casting, here's how to catch eel right below your feet

(July 20, 2017) The gentle ebb and flow of the northern Pacific Ocean whispered in our ears as we spent the night on the sands anticipating the morning's fishing foray. Checking the tide...

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Early, Early Man in the Americas?

(July 13, 2017) Christmas some 30 years ago saw a half-dozen of us curious rubberneckers tramping over the so-called "Calico Early Man Site," located half an hour east of Barstow, California. How early?...

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HumBug: The Butterfly House

(July 9, 2017) Scoping the North Coast Journal's calendar, I noticed a post about the Butterfly House at the Humboldt Botanical Gardens. Of course I had to check that out. Just north of...

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HumBug: Butterfly vs. Spider

(July 2, 2017) Some time ago, I mentioned in passing that butterflies and moths are covered with scales and fine hairs. They are easily dislodged and I theorized that these easily...

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Tabby's Star

(June 29, 2017) Fifty years ago — November 28, 1967 — a strange signal from the heavens was detected by radio astronomers in Cambridge, England. It was essentially a pulsing beep-beep-beep, the beeps...

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HumBug: Getting Butterflies

(June 25, 2017) Hurray! The recent warm days have brought out the butterflies. One of my favorite butterflies is the red admiral (Vanessa atalanta). It was pictured on the cover of my first...

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Wing Men

Propagating orchids and catching entomology fever

(June 22, 2017) Clever Orchids Today I was discouraged that there were a lot of people down along "my" stretch of the river. They stir up the bugs, making getting good shots difficult....

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HumBug: Clever Orchids

(June 15, 2017) Today I was discouraged that there were a lot of people down along “my” stretch of the river. They stir up the bugs, making getting good shots difficult. Sure...

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'Nuclear Batteries'

The future of electricity?

(June 15, 2017) In keeping with the "unpopular opinions" theme of this issue, I want to make a case for nuclear power. Not nuclear power as we normally think of it — vast...

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AG Revives Program to Seize Assets Without Charges or Convictions

(July 24, 2017) Advocates of civil asset forfeiture reform had a few choice names for U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions — among them “drug warrior” and “forfeiture fanatic” — when interviewed for a...

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HumBug: Ancient Fliers

(July 16, 2017) Three hundred million years ago, when the world was a hot swamp and the air carried twice as much oxygen as it does today, it is very likely a Griffinfly...

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Patient Dumping Case Settles Out of Court

(July 14, 2017) The case of an elderly blind man who was left alone in a hotel room after being discharged from Eureka Rehabilitation and Wellness Center in October of 2016 was settled...

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