Ask Your Doctor

(April 29, 2021) It's rare that our personal health decisions are so public or that we're so constantly confronted with their communitywide ramifications. It's also rare that a newspaper reporter's life is so...

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The Awful Familiarity of Anti-Asian Violence

(March 25, 2021) It's not that the murder of eight people in Atlanta on March 16 didn't shock. Even after so many mass shootings and a widely reported spike in anti-Asian hate crimes,...

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Bob Hager's Long Walk Home

(March 4, 2021) We are sad to report that Robert "Bob" Hager — a U.S. Army veteran who detailed his journey from homeless to housed for the Journal — has taken his...

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Legalization and Vaccination

(March 18, 2021) Is it legal yet? I mean, we're 50-something days into a new Democratic administration with Democrats in control of both houses, so what's the holdup? For years, the lack of...

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Cannabis Strains We Need in 2021

(And wish were real)

(March 18, 2021) Six-foot Skunk Whoa, there. Are people getting a little lax with social distance after a year? This heavy diesel, extra stinky bud is bred with skunk cabbage genetics and...

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Meditations for Hitting the Pandemic Wall

(February 11, 2021) As we inch/hurtle toward a year of living with COVID-19 and its attending horrors, those of us not wrapped in the gentle insulation of exactly the right medication (prescribed or...

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The Journal in Time

(February 11, 2021) A Time magazine article posted online Jan. 22 was brief — just over 1,000 words — yet packed with mostly grim facts on the state of local journalism across America:...

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Stick the Landing

Parenting tips for transitions

(May 6, 2021) There's a good reason getting everyone out the door on-time — with their shoes on — can feel like a major accomplishment for parents. It's more or less the same...

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'Everything I'm Against'

(April 22, 2021) My name is Brett McFarland and I'm writing about Sun Valley's proposed cannabis project. I've been farming in Humboldt county for almost two decades and am proud to call this...

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'Please, Come Forward'

Mother offers $100K reward in quest to find justice for slain son

(April 15, 2021) I am Charmaine Lawson, mother of David Josiah Lawson, who was known by many as DJ. If this is your first time hearing my story, here is a brief summary...

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Definition of "Deadly Force"

(April 29, 2021) ...

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Nursing Home Residents

(April 22, 2021) ...

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'Humane Officers'

(April 29, 2021) Editor: Minorities and the homeless have long known what it feels like to be treated unfairly by the police and the public ("Abhorrent," March 25). The homeless have experienced it...

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Justice for Josiah

(April 29, 2021) Editor: Charmaine, I am so so very sorry for what has happened to your beautiful son and your family ("Please, Come Forward," April 15). I have felt from the start...

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Post-capitalist Snark

(April 29, 2021) Editor: I am jacked that the Post-Capitalism Conference is being offered via Zoom starting Thursday, April 22 (NCJ Daily, April 21). Past attempts at establishing alternative economic systems have been so...

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  • Re: 'Happy'

    • Well said

    • on May 3, 2021
  • Re: Definition of "Deadly Force"

    • I infer from this cartoon that the editorial policy of the North Coast Journal is…

    • on April 30, 2021
  • Re: 'Please, Come Forward'

    • As a 53-year-old, it seems to me that a very large number of people, however…

    • on April 29, 2021
  • Re: Post-capitalist Snark

    • Whether one is pro- or anti-capitalist doesn't really matter. Capitalism isn't sustainable regardless.

    • on April 29, 2021
  • Re: 'Everything I'm Against'

    • I like that the writer doesn't seem bitter he got the government shaft.. the Johnny…

    • on April 28, 2021

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