Making it Official

(January 24, 2019) I remember well when I was editor of the Arcata Union in 1986. The Hadley family, which had owned the weekly for more than 50 years, sold the newspaper...

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Facing the Cost of California's Mental Health Crisis

Screaming at demons

(February 21, 2019) Working in Old Town Eureka, we see California's mental health crisis play out daily: the unshaven man draped in a wet blanket, standing on a street corner talking to...

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(February 7, 2019) While the Roman Catholic Church's sexual abuse scandal has been widely known and reported on the North Coast going back 25 years, the Santa Rosa Diocese's recent release of a...

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The Grifter in Chief

(December 27, 2018) History will remember 2018 as the year it became increasingly clear that a grifter — and likely a felonious one — is living in the White House. No matter what...

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'Fragmented and Uncoordinated'

(February 21, 2019) California's Gov. Gavin Newsom made national news last week, announcing during his State of the State address that he would be withdrawing most of the state's National Guard troops...

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The Fear is Real

(February 14, 2019) An article recently published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology links cannabis consumption to heart attacks. Kind of. The piece details the story of a 70-year-old Canadian man with a...

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Bad Looks

(February 7, 2019) You may have seen some breathless, excited headlines cross your social media feeds Super Bowl weekend exclaiming that the big game would feature (or had featured) the first cannabis ad...

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Why I Will Not be Using Your Preferred Pronouns

(February 14, 2019) We've been friends for a long time and when you announced that you are non-binary I wanted to be a supportive ally. Remember, I was one of the first people...

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Welcome to the Stone Cleanse®

FAQ for beginners

(January 17, 2019) Here at Stone Cleanse® Ranch, our goal is wellness through the limitless power of Nature (copyright pending), drawing wisdoms from other cultures so you don't have to interact with them....

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Yelp Reviews of Christmas Dinner at Carol's House

(December 27, 2018) Scott P. ★★★★★ Amazing!!! This was hands-down the best Christmas dinner ever. The ham was — sorry, Gramma, RIP — even better without the pineapple and maraschino cherries. The conversation...

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The Aches and Pains of Getting Older

One Native's perspective

(January 10, 2019) According to the American Association of Retired People, there are 108.7 million folks in the United States over the age of 50. This includes 76.4 million Boomers (born 1946-1964), compared...

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Homeless for Christmas

(December 20, 2018) The daily trudging around town, trying to scrounge up the money to get what I need for the day, generally begins when I leave the Mission around 7 a.m., no...

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Don't Let Access Humboldt Go the Way of Net Neutrality

(December 6, 2018) Humboldt is in grave danger of losing its public access television station. Operated by Access Humboldt, the station is the sole outlet for the artist who creates her own video...

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(February 21, 2019) ...

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Snow Hysteria

(February 14, 2019) ...

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'Good Priests'

(February 21, 2019) Editor: I just read your article, "Rid me of this Troublesome Priest" (Feb. 7), and I would like to share a few things. As the director of the HSU Newman...

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Priestly 'Prequal'

(February 21, 2019) Editor: Reading the evidently well-researched and well-written feature article in the Feb 7 issue of the NCJ triggered recollections of its "prequel"of nearly 20 years ago, published in issue 122...

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'The Right Thing'

(February 21, 2019) Editor: I support the Green New Deal because it is the only legislation ever proposed in our country that has the power and scope to address the climate emergency ("Huffman...

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