Pity and Fury

Pity and Fury

In Southern Humboldt, a painful reckoning with the inevitable

(October 12, 2017) The first time I set foot in the Mateel Community Center was in the late 1990s to attend a benefit for a local woman who, it later would turn out,...

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The Week in Weed

What We Get from Oregon

(October 12, 2017) Central Oregon, my friend and I agree, is a little eerie. It's not the people; it's the landscape. The land on either side of Interstate 5 is too flat, too...

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Way. Too. Much. Weed.

(October 5, 2017) California just has too damn much marijuana. Like, way, way too much. The California Department of Food and Agriculture recently commissioned a study attempting to quantify how much weed the...

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Return on Investment

America arrested more people in 2016 on marijuana charges than for murder, rape, aggravated assault and robbery combined

(September 28, 2017) Twenty-nine states have now legalized marijuana in some form, including seven that have passed laws legalizing recreational adult use, and a host of recent polls show that about 60...

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The Choices We Make

(October 5, 2017) Here at the Journal, we pride ourselves on being hyper local. With few exceptions, we throw our limited resources into covering what's going on in and around Humboldt County, covering...

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Media Maven

Save Our Speech

(August 31, 2017) I'm pro-free speech and I am not a Nazi. I feel I have to to start there following news story after news story about people protesting "free speech rallies" when...

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Mending the Mateel

Why the community center needs saving

(October 12, 2017) When the counterculture — the barefoot, longhaired back-to-the-landers — poured into the hills and valleys of the Mattole and the Eel River watersheds in the 1970s, they needed a gathering...

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Carrying Capacity

(October 12, 2017) Editor: In Monty Caid's column encouraging the use of foods native to our area ("Go Local, Go Native," Sept. 21), a major point is missed. Our immediate area (say the area where...

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Selective Amnesia

(October 12, 2017) Editor: In light of the reported 26 percent increase in crime throughout Eureka (NCJ Daily, Aug. 31), I find it rather curious that there appears to be little or no...

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Better Protections

(October 12, 2017) Editor: My free-thinking communities of Arcata and Eureka are inadvertently living under the control of the Arcata and Eureka city councils and county board of supervisors' hidden agenda, which largely...

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Locally Censored

(October 12, 2017) Editor: Woefully Underreported story #7 is actually a local one: we live in the cradle of the U.S. Navy whose training grounds begin just 12 miles away ("Project Censored," Oct....

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  • Re: Stupid is as Stupid Does

    • FYI, many of history's worst tyrants were "well-read" and "well-traveled". Utter meaningless measurements of intelligence…

    • on October 15, 2017
  • Re: Carrying Capacity

    • There is no research supporting Ms. Corbett's assertion. Humboldt County once exported vast quantities of…

    • on October 15, 2017
  • Re: Pity and Fury

    • Very accurate impressions, imnsho. Thanks; sometimes I want to tear my hair out from this…

    • on October 13, 2017
  • Re: Way. Too. Much. Weed.

    • Water resources need to be protected as well. I think that restricting water in an…

    • on October 12, 2017
  • Re: Way. Too. Much. Weed.

    • Market forces will continue to prevail. Thus, the price that buyers are willing to pay…

    • on October 6, 2017
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