Community Responsibility

(July 16, 2020) A friend of the Journal recently said that opening one part of the country — or one part of the state — amid the COVID-19 pandemic is akin to having...

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Unease, Inaction and Time for Reckoning

(June 4, 2020) The video of police officer Derek Chauvin killing George Floyd joins a heartbreaking library of footage of the abuse and death of Black Americans at the hands of those...

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Privileged Protest

(May 28, 2020) By now, just about everyone has seen the photograph. It's of a brunette white woman standing on the Humboldt County Courthouse lawn with a smattering of American flags in...

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Keeping it Toxic Under COVID

Maintaining a hostile workplace ... remotely

(July 23, 2020) For many of us, the last few months have meant a sometimes rocky transition to working from home, either with the distractions of family or in grim isolation, all...

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The Advocacy of Respect

(July 23, 2020) For years I've been kvetching and moaning over the woes of America and the world in general: conflict over immigration and climate change, terrorism and mass shootings, plastics accumulating in...

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My experience with race and racism in Ferndale

(July 2, 2020) I'm the organizer of the Ferndale "protest" rally, gathering on June 28. There have been multiple threats against me and others who attended circulating social media since it hit the...

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East Through the Pandemic

Reflections on a 2,800-mile drive across America

(June 25, 2020) I had not been more than 10 miles from home since March as, like most of us, my family has adhered to the protocols and shelter-in-place restrictions aimed to...

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(August 6, 2020) ...

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Sinclair TV

(July 30, 2020) ...

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Who has the Power?

(August 6, 2020) Editor: I was bothered by Louisa Rogers' unkind letter "Utter Ignorance" (Mailbox, July 23), in which she accused Rex Bohn of being a sixth-grader for asking if the governor "really...

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Crowded Out

(August 6, 2020) Editor: I recently visited Prairie Creek State Park and found it to be more overcrowded than I had ever seen it to be in many years of going there (NCJ...

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'Miserly, not Stupid'

(August 6, 2020) Editor: I have been described as frugal. Miserly is likely more accurate. Despite those inclinations, I will reluctantly support a Eureka sales tax extension/increase on the November ballot ("'Greatly Needed,'"...

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  • Re: Crowded Out

    • While I've characterized , almost certainly correctly, if I do say so, the US citizenry's…

    • on August 9, 2020
  • Re: Crowded Out

    • I’ve noticed that most cars in our area have license plates from other counties and…

    • on August 9, 2020
  • Re: Who has the Power?

    • Mea culpa. I apologize to Rex Bohn for my sarcasm in my letter of July…

    • on August 7, 2020
  • Re: 'Privilege on Display'

    • I agree. I am one of those people worried about paying rent.

    • on August 4, 2020
  • Re: 'Responsibility'

    • You are not alone Rita.

    • on July 31, 2020

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