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Re: “In Defense of Fluoridation

Re the NTP animal study v. the three recent human studies on neurotoxicity, let's keep it simple:

Not all scientific studies are equal. Study design, type and strength of findings are just a few of the considerations. In the matter of fluoridation neurotoxicity studies, the NIH funded study that found low dose exposure to fluoride during pregnancy results in lower IQ in children dwarfs the recent NTP animal study, which has a number of issues with questionable design and limitations.

I could get more specific, but again, let's keep it simple. Ten to one, both human and animal studies show fluoride to be neurotoxic. Those are the odds, 10:1. How do you want to bet? If you lose you, your child will be more likely to have a learning disability, mood disorder or have an IQ up to 6 points lower than he would have had otherwise. (Increased risk of stained teeth, broken bones & kidney disease, too.)

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Posted by KSpencer on 06/11/2018 at 5:51 AM

Re: “In Defense of Fluoridation

"If teeth are the only reason why you like fluoride, you better come up with a different reason. Fluoride hurts teeth, bones, brain, nerves, etc." - Michael Taras, DMD, FAGD (2015)

Fluoride is not a mineral no matter how many times fluoridationists say so. Chemists call it an enzyme poison. The EPA calls it a contaminant and neurotoxicant (brain poison). The FDA calls is an unapproved drug. Fluoride is also an inflammatory drug and hormone disruptor.

Endorsements, marketing literature and top ten lists are not science. Substantial science in the past year have provided significant evidence of dental and mental damage from fluoridation policy.

Per US government statistics, over half of American teens have fluoride damaged teeth. One in five have brown stains on at least two brittle teeth that will require costly crowns or veneers in young adulthood because of overconsumption of fluoride during early childhood. Authors recommend action be taken to reduce exposure to fluoride. (Wiener et al. 2018)

Low F- doses in children consistent with 'optimal' (CWF) to 'safe' (MCL) concentrations in US water result in lower IQ and increased dental fluorosis on a dose-response line. (Yu et al. 2018)

Low F- doses in pregnant women consistent with 'optimal' (CWF) doses in American towns result in lowered IQ in their children on a dose-response trend line. This from a NIH/EPA sponsored project conducted by top scientists at world class US & Canadian research facilities. (Bashash et al. 2017; Thomas et al. 2018)

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Posted by KSpencer on 06/11/2018 at 5:31 AM

Re: “Colorado Brown Stain and Fluoridation

"The continued increase in fluorosis rates in the U.S. indicates that additional measures need to be implemented to reduce its prevalence." - Wiener RC, et al. (2018). Dental Fluorosis over Time: A comparison of National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data from 2001-2002 and 2011-2012. Journal of Dental Hygiene. 92 no. 1 23-29

"Disparities in pit and fissure caries among children and adolescent by race/ethnicity, nativity and socioeconomic status has widened over time..." - Akilesh Shreekrishna et al. in NHANES 2011-2014 and 1999-2004 Pit/Fissure Caries Prevalence Trends and Disparities presented at annual meeting of American Association of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD)

Those early dentists couldn't have got it more wrong. Per most recent government figures released to the public, dental fluorosis is afflicting over half our teens with one in five teens having brown stains and even pitting on at least two brittle fluoride damaged teeth. These teeth will require costly veneers & crowns in young adulthood. Moreover, our kids have more cavities - especially the poor who also have the highest incidence of brown stain from fluoride overdose during childhood. Heck - even our dental emergency room visits up by almost half since the CDC congratulated itself on fluoridating about 75% of the US population. Fluoridation ain't working folks, it's hurting.

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Posted by KSpencer on 06/02/2018 at 3:44 AM

Re: “Colorado Brown Stain and Fluoridation

"If teeth are the only reason why you like fluoride, you better come up with a different reason. Fluoride hurts teeth, bones, brain, nerves, etc." - Michael Taras, DMD, FAGD (2015)

Fluoride is an inflammatory drug, enzyme poison, endocrine disruptor and adjuvant (substance that intensifies the immune response.) Even low concentrations in the water can and do cause or worsen symptoms of thyroid, kidney, inflammatory & immune system disease.

Thousands of doctors, dentists & scientists who have done their homework have reversed their previously pro-F beliefs based on the evidence of harm. Over a dozen professional organizations have also spoken out in public opposition of fluoridation. In 2017, the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (a non-profit of scientists & medical professionals whose mission is improving public health & reducing exposure to toxins) issued a position paper AGAINST ANY fluoride use based on evidence of harm to people and environment. They included over 500 citations. Visit IAOMT dot ORG to download it.

If you don't believe the science that the only possible benefit is from topical use (toothpaste), you can buy a gallon of f-drinking water for a buck. But those with medical reason to avoid it, including those with eczema & psoriasis, shouldn't be forced to bathe in this toxin. We can't even go to a neighbor's house for a meal or buy a cup of coffee at the store without damaging our health because food prepared in fluoridated water is contaminated.

"The use of the public drinking water system to dose any substance to achieve a medical result is criminal. The US EPA only refers to fluoride as a contaminant... it is a regulated toxin.... The only recognition of fluoride at the FDA is that it is a unregulated drug." - safe water advocates Robert Bowcock PE with Erin Brockovich, April 2018 in Dallas

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Posted by KSpencer on 06/02/2018 at 3:30 AM

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