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KEET Bard Defends 


The Damsel Distress'd: (in response to "Inside KEET," June 27, from a KEET employee.)

Why this thrust of the envenom'd lance?

An uncomfortable torque of the under pants?

Would a knight of good renown

Kick a man when he is down?

When jousting in the local lists,

Some decided hits — and some he missed.

I scorn the chalice of Kool-Aid,

So heed the words of this withered maid:

We work so that others get enjoyment

From entertainment. Our employment

Harms no one — and indeed invests

In local subjects and interests.

So I implore you, please eschew

This tempest in a teacup brew'd.

If sometimes bitter, then sometimes sweet.

If 'tis trusty, 'tis worthy, and if worthy, 'tis KEET.

Charity Grella, Eureka

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