A Totally Biased Review 
of an Elementary School Play

A Totally Biased Review of an Elementary School Play

(June 13, 2019) Full disclosure: Since I was a kid, I've hated school plays. With their choruses of singing first-grade elves, their trays of stale refreshments and drama coaches who may have...

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Liking the Cage

Fighting my way out of the cycle of incarceration

(June 6, 2019) When I was 23 I arrived at the same correctional facility that my father was sent to a week before his high school graduation in 1972. This would be a...

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Youth Struck

How the March 15 student protest changed my view on marches

(April 18, 2019) I don't consider myself an activist. I am way too hypocritical for that. I don't often participate in direct actions. I don't like the earnestness, the black-and-white rhetoric, the...

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10 Rules for Living in a Yurt

(October 11, 2018) When my husband and I arrived in Humboldt a year ago, like many newcomers, we struggled to find a place. We spent weeks in $100-a-night slum-o motels while looking for...

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You're Doing Good

(July 19, 2018) Dear readers, As of Wednesday, I'll no longer claim the job title "journalist." It's not a title I ever thought I'd carry, but my team at the Journal thought I...

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