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As much as I like the photography and artistic creativity of the New Year’s photo essay, I feel the need to express how old and boring this is getting (“New Year’s Eve,” Jan. 1). I personally have no problem with environmentally conscious dope growers and don’t empathize with the tighter regulation sentiments of many Humboldtians. 

However, there is much more happening around here, and, if anything, this just increases the bad press this area already has plenty of. I know you like taking pictures of good herb and getting your free samples to take home, but if I wanted to drool over dope plants I’d buy a High Times. May I suggest more articles about boobies ... just kidding.

Mike Lee, Arcata


Last week’s cover “story” really disgusted me. I love Humboldt County. I have lived all over California but have never felt at home until I moved here. I love the beaches, the forests and the slower pace. However, I am so tired of the glorification, and seemingly widespread use, of marijuana.

I don’t understand the NCJ’s devoting six pages to a photo essay on marijuana. This was in such sharp contrast to last week’s cover story (“Saving Sam,” Dec. 25), an excellent, heart-breaking one of a young woman who had recently committed suicide.

Any marijuana use I have seen in family members, roommates, best friends and a long-term partner has all been negative. All of these folks suffered from depression, which was clearly exacerbated by their pot smoking. As for my own experiences with pot, I would never classify it as merely a “mild intoxicant.” I’ve also never seen it truly “inspire” someone in a positive, useful way.

Now that I have a one and a half year old, I feel even more hesitant about my associations with pot smokers. I hope to do my best to teach him about the many healthy ways he can deal with the hard spots in life, to learn to relax or to find inspiration without lighting up.

Dora Abrahams, McKinleyville

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