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In Defense of Sergio 


I found Sam H. Clauder's full page article, "Cheering the bat-thrower? Really, Arcata?" (Aug. 15) disturbing and ironic. Mr. Clauder attacks the character of Humboldt Crab Sergio Sanchez, and eventually the entire organization and its fans. In 10 years of attending Crabs games Mr. Clauder's conduct was by far the worst I have ever seen of a fan. After the "bat-throwing incident," Mr. Clauder harassed Sergio Sanchez so belligerently and relentlessly that he was asked to leave and the police were called. I would like to attempt to set the record straight and I hope others will step forward in Sergio's defense and help clear his name.

Sergio had three straight fastballs thrown at his head. The first two narrowly missed and the third slammed into his shoulder as Sergio shrugged to protect his face. In what I can only imagine was anger, exasperation, and pain, Sergio flung his bat. From my seat behind home plate I could see that the bat sailed far to the pitcher's right. The video circulating on the Internet was filmed from the right field line, a vantage point from which the bat appears to sail over the pitcher's head. Regardless of intent, a bat flung from 60 feet away is far less dangerous then a fastball thrown over 90 mph.

The attack on Sergio, in the form of three straight fastballs, certainly seemed unprovoked. The pain and injury caused by the ball was no doubt long-lasting. The ejection and multi-game suspension was unwarranted. The news stories online were pure sensationalism. Worst of all the harassment at the ballpark by Sam H. Clauder and his subsequent full page article in this Journal was unconscionable. I only hope the damage to Sergio's career can be undone.

Michael DeppeCarter, Eureka

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