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As a lifelong liberal, born in San Francisco and raised in California, I don't fit the "right wing" characterization of those concerned about drag shows for kids that is expressed in the article "Drag For The Next Generation" (May 18). But I am concerned.

I found the suggestion that I don't know my own feelings, which might be rooted in fear or phobias instead, insulting. The claim that the opposition is afraid of "losing ... normal society" is equally presumptive.

Overall, the article is biased and doesn't include commentary from any opposing view.

So here are the arguments made for all ages drag shows and why I think they're wrong.

1) We're already sexualizing kids in a heterosexual way, so why not in this way too.

The assumption is it's OK to sexualize kids, but it's not.

2) Grooming and sexual abuse is not linked to LGBTQ+ people. 

But the concern is that early exposure to sexuality makes children de-sensitized and more susceptible to abuse later by anyone.

3) Drag is for sharing safe spaces, coping tools and being part of an adopted family.

This assumes children are sexually non-conforming and need support, and that it's not provided by parents. It implies there aren't other activities where children can be accepted and be part of a group. These are not valid assumptions.

4) Children are the only legal group without self-representation. 

But children are incapable of making informed decisions about drugs, drinking or sex.

Regarding hate and threats to the LGBTQ+ community, which do exist, I think a church sign saying "Beware" is hardly a threat.

And despite the claim of "unconditional love," I was sincerely afraid to write this response as there's as much hate coming from the Pride community as there is from the Proud one.

Julia Scott, Arcata

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