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Humboldt Youth in Revolt 

"There is nothing to do in Humboldt County."

For those that attended high school locally, you've undoubtedly heard some form of the above sentiment. You remember the conversation. It usually came around 1 a.m., halfway through a case of Natty Ice. Simpler times. Whether the statement is valid or not depends on your standard of what makes something worth doing. It's true, Humboldt County is not, for better or worse, Las Vegas. Fun is not spoon-fed to anyone behind the Redwood Curtain, and many of those making the "nothing-to-do" claim hurry off soon after graduating. Hopefully they find something to do elsewhere, something fulfilling.

If you want something to happen, youth of Humboldt, you have to make it happen. Or, if that sounds too daunting, you could just cozy up alongside those who are already rolling.

For example, the Humboldt County Transition Age Youth Collaboration is inviting you to help design Humboldt's future by holding an event called... oh... "Help Design Humboldt's Future" this Saturday, Oct. 2, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Wharfinger Building in Eureka.

The aim of HCTAYC is to build connections between local youth-focused groups and young adult leaders to improve services and opportunities for local "transition age youth" as they make their way toward adulthood. Saturday's gathering will bring together HumCo's youth (16-26) to throw out ideas for a new youth center. C'mon people! If you think there is nothing to do in Humboldt, this is your chance to connect with similar minds and, hopefully, lay the groundwork for something that doesn't suck. Don't blow this. You definitely don't want the old farts calling these shots for you. You know what you'll end up with? Shuffleboard. Lots of shuffleboard.

If you'd like to hitch your wagon to the HCTAYC star, head on down to the Wharfinger Building this weekend. They'll even feed you! Make sure you call and tell them you're coming first. 476-2260. And check out for more info. Humboldt is only as lame as you allow it to be. Do something.

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