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Re: “The Eureka Inn Axe Attacker's Tragic End

There is no "cure" for mental illness, and the "root cause" remains a mystery. Pharmacological treatment may not be perfect, but it is the best treatment available, and can be effective in preventing psychosis, relieving suffering, and allowing patients to live productively. Failure to provide treatment, including medication, puts the patient, and sometimes others, at risk. Treatment may be costly, and a mentally ill person may be prevented by their illness from contributing to the cost of treatment. On the other hand, failure to treat mentally ill patients is more costly than treating them. It is hot a matter of whether we spend the money, but instead a matter of how we spend it. It is likely that this patient did not receive appropriate post-inpatient follow-up care. Let's see, when he was discharged, he probably had no means of support, and turned to his mom for help. She lived in another state, so he had to leave California. Moving to a different state could certainly interfere with continuity of mental health care. He would have been in no position to navigate the complexities of coordinating his own care. So why did he become psychotic again after release? Did he just run out of meds? We will never know. We do know from his past behavior that he could become violent when psychotic, so that coordinating his mental health care after his release was critical to his safety and the safety of others.

The reality of our health delivery system is that a mentally ill person cannot just go to a psyciatrist when they need to be seen. Failure to create a system to adequately respond to predictable mental health needs is shortsighted and results in tragedy. The tragedies come in many flavors, of which this was just one.

Posted by HappyHappy on 11/21/2010 at 8:42 AM

Re: “The Eureka Inn Axe Attacker's Tragic End

Evan is just a brain injury away from his own raft.
People who suffer from mental illness deserve compassion even if their illness makes them a danger to us or to themselves. It is up to those of us in control of our mental faculties to assist those who cannot depend upon their own brain to rationally process information. I can think of nothing more frightening than losing the ability to reason. This man's life must have been a nightmare. God bless him. Hey Evan, instead of a raft, how about we throw them a life preserver of corrdinated modern mental health services, including inpatient care when needed? How about we act with love and generosity? It is not possible to avert all suffering and tragedy, but it is possible to act with love and generosity. A moral people help their helpless.

Posted by HappyHappy on 11/19/2010 at 1:45 PM

Re: “A Lesson for Progressives

Bonnie and Virginia are both nice likable people. Virginia will have a lot to learn, and Bonnie's experience is a loss, but to the extent that Bonnie supported Bill Pierson's needs over the community's wishes, she was punished. And rightfully so. The people don't really care about protecting Bill Pierson's fortune at their own expense. People don't buy the "Arkleyville" envy fearmongering so reminiscent of the Bush administration. When progressive leaders take their lessons from the Bush Cheney playbook they need to be brought up short and held to account.
Progressives divorce themselves from progress at their peril.

Posted by HappyHappy on 11/06/2010 at 10:21 PM

Re: “A Lesson for Progressives

What progressives need to learn from the election is that if we want to win, we need to run worthy candidates. Progressives are too smart to keep bad leaders.

What progressives voters need to see in their candidates: 1. Vision 2. Leadership 3. Competence

Bonnie Neely had those qualities, but lost because she became tainted by the incompetence of other so called progressives. One clear example was to champion Larry Glass's Jefferson School fiasco. Indeed, Glass is the poster child for "progressive" incompetence. Glass claimed that the ill-advised purchase of Jefferson school was a good use of redevelopment funds because the abandoned school was blight. As I recall, CR wanted to purchase Jefferson School, and under Glass's direction the city threatened to sue CR if it proceeded. CR wanted to hold classes at that location, which would have cost the city of Eureka nothing, benefitted the community as a whole, and relieved blight as well. Instead the city of Eureka purchased an old run down building in need of maintenance and repair, with no real opportunity to benefit the community as a whole for a boat load of money. In short, they bought into a money pit. Such a poor decision in times of economic plenty can scarcely be supported, but in the current environment of extreme resource scarcity, the decision was nothing short of outrageous. Progressive voters were not impressed with Glass's record of supporting the needs of a few citizens at the expense of the entire community, his constant shameless self-promotion, his ridiculous posturing as a martyr at City Hall, and his general lack of vision, leadership and competence. Kuhnel is smarter than Glass by far [not a high bar], but appears also to lack an interest in supporting the needs of the community, and is a shameless self-promoter as well. Kuhnel, Glass, and Atkins all suffer from the same general inability to play well with others, grasp the fundamentals of fiduciary responsibility, and articulate a vision for the City. It is all well and fine to disagree with the conservative vision, but they needed to propose a viable alternative, which they failed to do. It was abundantly clear that their vision did not extend beyond their own petty gripes and pet projects. We needed more than that. We insist on more than that. Of all the progressive candidates that ran, only Neeley and LaValee had anything to offer, and they were both defeated, at least in part, because of their association with the jaw dropping, egregious incompetence of so called "progressive" incumbents.

Posted by HappyHappy on 11/06/2010 at 6:32 PM

Re: “A Lesson for Progressives

Who believes that Larry "Police State" Glass is progressive? Maybe be his six constituants.... Perhaps he lost because he is just a loser, and even we progressives can smell a loser. I would rather have a conservative council than a completely stupid council, which is what you would have with glass, atkins and kuhnel. Please! If progressives want Eureka, they had better give us some candidates we can feel good about voting for. Glass was nothing short of disasterous for Eureka, and that is why he is gone.

Posted by HappyHappy on 11/05/2010 at 9:52 PM

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