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Goth Day 2023 

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Photo by Ollie Hancock
Rachel Butt had the perfect attire for a foggy cemetary walk nextdoor to Old Steeple, who hosted Goth Day Revisted on May 20.
Photo by Ollie Hancock
Charlie O'Neill and Rain Ross-Kohl enjoyed confections in the foggy Ferndale cemetery.
Photo by Ollie Hancock
Erin Scofield, a board member at Companion Animals Foundation in Eureka, holds one of three kittens that were available for adoption at Goth Day Revisited.
Photo by Ollie Hancock
Shauna Rowley sold historically inspired candles from her business Pestilence Pours. A Candle scent named Bog Body referenced the mummification process that takes place in peat bogs. Rowley says the candle smells like cranberries and marmalade.
Photo by Ollie Hancock
Jessi Shelton sold a variety of creepy crafts from their business Humboldt Needler. Their table hosted needle-felt creatures, goth pet portraits, bottled terrariums and resin crafts.
Photo by Ollie Hancock
A werewolf pup reborn doll created by Kelly Sprague. All the hairs on the reborn dolls are individually rooted.
Photo by Ollie Hancock
Kelley Sprague's reborn dolls — hyper-realistic baby dolls dressed to look like creepy clowns, werewolf puppies and house elves.
Photo by Ollie Hancock
Ella Swanson, Rain Swanson, and Noah Swanson browsed a curated collection of dark, drab provided by the Costume Box, a year-round costume shop in Eureka.
Photo by Ollie Hancock
Halley Hammond brought tinctures, hangover cures and brews from her herbals and apothecary shop, which just opened on Myrtle Avenue in Eureka.
Photo by Ollie Hancock
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