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Get to the Show and the Voting Booth 

This has been an ugly and busy week. White terrorism has been in the news and in our own community someone was stabbed to death in Arcata in what I am sure was a tragically pointless dispute. Two lives are now ruined: the victim's and the alleged attacker's. This isn't a crime to put on the shoulders of the local clubs. This isn't a crime to be borne by anyone. This is a crime, like the greater ones we face around us in the country at large, to be avoided. We can all lean in, keep an eye out, de-escalate and try to reduce harm. We can all try our best to do better and support each other in our brief and beautiful time under the sun.

Have a week of solidarity and love.


There's a big ol' electronic show happening over at the Arcata Theatre Lounge at 8:30 p.m. Random Rab is a West Coast electro-dance phenom known for tidally shifting the groove aesthetics of the room with deft sonic control and jazz fusion music cues. Jason Burruss and Anthny Jacobs join in ($15).

Darsombra is an inscrutable duo that plays music built for all-ages basement shows, condemned ballrooms, David Cronenberg-approved fish hatcheries and communist yoga studios. Do you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about? Good, then you have a clear head and are suitably prepared to check out their set at The Miniplex tonight. 9 p.m. ($7). Showing local flavor are the always impressive Ms. God and a solo-drone set by handsome man-about-town, Dan K., under the moniker Idyll. Get it.


Leo Kottke is a fingerpicking, open-tuning master craftsman of the acoustic guitar who, along with the late Michael Hedges and later player Kaki King, reinvented the possibilities inherent in the six-string medium for futureheads to hem and haw over. Come see for yourself at 8 p.m. at The Arkley Center for the Performing Arts at 8 p.m. ($49). Bring an aspiring guitarist and excite a young mind.

Over at the Arcata Playhouse at the same hour is the seventh annual celebration of the birthday of Joni Mitchell, with the first of two nights featuring — what else? — the music of Joni Mitchell, as performed by some of Humboldt's best ($15). Come see Jan Bramlett, Morgan Corviday, Beverly Twist, Marcia Mendels and many more interpret the true blue sounds of Song to a Seagull.


RampArt Skatepark continues a solid gold run of fun shows today and tonight for the hoi polloi and aristoi together. First up at noon is a free edition of Shred Fest, a sort of thank you for the locals who regularly people the park. FHOG, Ultramafic, NacOne and DJ Goldylocks all contribute a live soundtrack to a family-friendly ramp-shredding, bowl-spinning affair.

Later on at 8 p.m. is a proper all-ages hardcore punk show when Portland bangers Long Knife open for veteran Tokyo punk rock masters Forward in what is certain to be an awesome night ($8). Local acts The ChainLinks and Racket start the fun.


Somebody decided to make a musical out of one of the finest films of the outsider horror genre and the theater department at Humboldt State University is putting it on. Today is the last performance and also a 2 p.m. matinee so perhaps you should head over to Gist Hall and check out Evil Dead: The Musical while the getting is good ($15, $10 seniors and children).


Pilobolus is a nearly five-decade modern dance troupe whose offshoot Momix should be familiar to Center Arts ticket holders from yesteryear. Named after a sun-worshipping fungus that thrives on cowpats, Pilobolus survived the generational threshing of dance trends to find a niche in great big and circus-level production in our current decade. And bless these folks, they have earned it. If you feel like seeing something on the artier side of those arena-level dance troupes with French names and titles, pirouette on down to the Arkley Center for the Performing Arts at 7 p.m. and check this out ($56, $29 students).

Tuesday (Election Day)

Vote. Furthermore, encourage your extended family to vote. Spread the net farther outward and simply encourage voting in your social circles across the country. It's being taken away from us and that is not hyperbole. Marginalized people have been and are being denied the vote in record numbers. This is not a functioning democracy. Do what you can to make it one. Please. Organize, advocate, unite. We have the numbers. Use them.


The Goon Sax are a perfectly fun and dumb teenage garage band from Brisbane, Australia. The music is delightful and earnest. Blood Hunny and Wet Spot provide local support. The price is $6. The time is 7 p.m. The place is The Outer Space. Get in, it's bound to be good.

Full show listings in the Journal's Music and More grid, the Calendar and online. Bands and promoters, send your gig info, preferably with a high-res photo or two, to

An army mobilized against desperate people is an abomination. A nation closed to the world is a lonely bunker full of cowards. Collin Yeo doesn't want to live in a bunker full of cowards.

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