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Ganging Up 


Forgetting the merits of the questions about the county supervisors, Sylvia de Rooy's claim to ownership of the term "Gang of Four" was well answered by your tagline/title above her letter: "Took the Words out of My Mao" (July 24).

For those who are too young to remember (or perhaps too old), the Gang of Four was a post-Mao group that included Mao's widow and was on the run from the ruling Chinese authorities, accused of activities these same authorities found distasteful. They were tracked down eventually, and the Chinese state was made safe again.

Claiming ownership of the term "gang of four" is about the same as using the words "Chicago Seven" or "Chicago Eight" to make a point. You can say it, you just can't "own" it.

So chill out already.

Lance Hardie, Eureka

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