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Foresight and Part Timers 


First, Uri Driscol says that "... planning on horizons 50 to 100 years in advance is unprecedented" ("Humboldt Harbor: The Heart of our Community," Jan 19). What? Businesses used to do that routinely before they became beholden to quarterly profits. Other examples include English ship builders who groomed oaks so their grandchildren would have ship timbers, native Americans who managed "wild" ecosystems for acorn and salmon. Even the herbalist in the Get Out column in the same issue ("Wild Medicine") talks about managing herbs for sustainability. It's not unprecedented, it's just not in fashion for shortsighted profiteers.

Second, there are a lot of older nurses out there who would love to return to nursing if they could work part-time ("Nurses, Stat," Jan. 19). St. Joes has a no part-time policy, as does Open Door — two of our biggest nursing employers. I have a hard time believing it is better to hire travelers who aren't part of the established team and don't know the culture, computer system, policies and colleagues than it is to let some nurses be part-time. I'm asking you — HR of St. Joe and Open Door — what is your reasoning?

Lauri Rose, Bridgeville

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