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While I have been inspired to write regarding several issues in the last couple of months, particularly after your comments about legalization and the call for open discussion (“Town Dandy”, May 14) — I wanted to point out that many items need more open discussion and, while this is Humboldt County, along with most of the country we seem to live in the State of Denial — I never seem to find the time to put coherent thoughts down before the next issue grabs my attention.

However, I can not pass up the opportunity to thank Bob Filbey for a thorough and thought-provoking discussion of issues with the Farmers’ Market and use of the Arcata Plaza (“Mailbox”, May 21). While Bob covers a lot of ground in his letter, at the end he points out the real item we all need to consider — what affects the quality of life that we want to have? What our our true priorities? The Journal tries to address these questions frequently; Bob’s letter addresses these with a topic at the heart of the community. I hereby nominate Bob for sending the letter of the year.

P.S.: Thanks for your insightful column on the Prop. 8 issue. If it had been a letter I would have nominated it as well.

Peter Carlson, Eureka

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