Picnic Indoors

(April 1, 2018) When our coastal weather doesn't allow for dining al fresco (or when you just don't feel like cooking) don't despair. Wildberries Marketplace has a vast array of options from...

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Live Local, Eat Global

Dining at Le Monde and Sushi Spot

(April 1, 2018) In physics, fusion describes two light nuclei combining to release energy in copious quantities. In Humboldt, world cuisines combine at Le Monde, a French-esque restaurant in Eureka with a...

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Drinks On The Waterfront

Eating and imbibing at Vista Del Mar

(April 1, 2018) The unassuming bar, located at the corner of Commercial and Waterfront streets south of Old Town Eureka, is tucked between commercial fish packing plants, facing away from an unremarkable...

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Bagels & Boards

Two Redwood Acres spots for noshing

(January 1, 2018) Let's set aside, for now, the flea market with its displays of quartz crystals and circa-1973 Pepsi glasses, the craft fairs, wrestling matches, roller derbies and cannabis fests. Redwood...

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Crown Jewell

(January 1, 2018) You don't have to be a fan of gin to enjoy Jewell Distillery's latest spirit, Jewell Gin. In fact, you don't have to be a gin fan to distill...

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