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Foodies need look no further than Humboldt County. Fresh seafood, humanely and sustainably raised meats and lush, organic produce are the staples of the region's eateries. Local chefs offer innovative and artistic plates, as well as traditional favorites. Wash it all down with a locally crafted beverage, as Humboldt is home to a number of distilleries, breweries, cideries and vineyards.


Getting Veggie-centric
at Wildflower Cafe

Serving up sustainability

(April 18, 2019) Vegetarian dishes are too often relegated to a sidebar, corner or back page of a restaurant's menu, as if to say, "if we must." Not so at Wildflower Cafe...

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Souji House in Garberville

Local fare, Asian flair

(April 18, 2019) For years, Southern Humboldt residents have enjoyed shopping at Chautauqua Natural Foods for organic food and supplements. In June of 2018, the owners of Chautauqua Natural Foods opened Souji...

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Alchemy Distillery

Bagel to bottle whisky

(April 18, 2019) Does it take a village to make whiskey? For the owners and operators of Alchemy Distillery, community collaboration and a commitment to the environment have coalesced into an intoxicating...

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Mi Mochima

South American cuisine
on California’s North Coast 

(January 16, 2019) Driving along the twists of Shelter Cove Road through the redwoods, the rural scenery suggests dinner will be a hearty hamburger and french fries. But true to its reputation...

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Gyppo Ale Mill

Shelter Cove’s first brewery

(January 16, 2019) For Shelter Cove, a sleepy seaside town populated by fishermen, surfers and backpacking tourists, a local brewery seemed like destiny. While it's been under a year since the Gyppo...

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Beer with Seoul

South Korea’s The Booth Brewery
takes root in Humboldt County

(January 16, 2019) The Booth Brewing Co., one of the newest additions to Humboldt County's craft beer scene, began over a craving for one of humankind's simplest and surest pleasures: pizza and...

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Roast of the Town

Three Humboldt coffee roasters to try

(October 1, 2018) Only 100 miles south of Oregon, Humboldt County often has more in common with our Pacific Northwest neighbors than the 40 million sun-loving residents of Cali. We wear plaid...

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Hamburger Heaven

At The Burger Joint

(October 1, 2018) The Burger Joint, one of Arcata's newest casual eateries, knows exactly what it is. After all, it's right there in the name. The restaurant's relatively simple menu is welcome...

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Around the Fire

At Campground in Arcata

(October 1, 2018) At Campground, those seeking privacy can slip into a high-backed booth in the back and more social animals can bring the party to a long table up front. But...

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