The F-Words

The F-Words

Shrill is a fun, fearless mess

(March 21, 2019) Reviews SHRILL. Hulu's recent fun-size six-episode series Shrill, which loosely fictionalizes Lindy West's autobiographical essay collection of the same name, is a collage of fun, brave and smart things that...

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Captain Marvel Overcomes the Hero Complex

(March 14, 2019) Reviews CAPTAIN MARVEL. When the post-credits Easter egg rolled at the end of Avengers: Infinity War (spoiler alert for the dozen people alive who don't know how the ensemble...

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Lonely Hunters

Greta and The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot

(March 6, 2019) Reviews GRETA. Back, back into the distant, dusty past, the long ago of the 1990s, when the second wave of New Hollywood cinema was peaking, Neil Jordan rose to prominence...

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Wheels Up

United Skates rolls out the history

(February 28, 2019) Reviews UNITED SKATES. Following several skating families from across the U.S., HBO's documentary United Skates looks at the role of roller rinks in black communities, framing them not only as...

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Scrapping Alita

Isn't It Romantic? earns a wink and a smile

(February 21, 2019) Reviews ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL. Well, shit. As I sit quietly with the fortunately fading memory of this movie, I am faced with dilemma: Did I even try to want to...

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Frozen Out

Cold Pursuit and High Flying Bird

(February 14, 2019) Reviews COLD PURSUIT. Unlike the mess Liam Neeson has made talking about his racist past while promoting Cold Pursuit, there really isn't anything in the movie itself to be upset about,...

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Destroyer and Velvet Buzzsaw

Against Type

(February 7, 2019) Reviews DESTROYER. Few, I think, would fault Nicole Kidman for taking a break once in a while, resting on her laurels, even, after working at breakneck speed for 35 years,...

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Classic Revival

Stan & Ollie and Serenity

(January 31, 2019) Reviews STAN & OLLIE. Chefs, even impassioned eaters, will often credit their grandmothers with the inspiration to pursue their passion. I only got to know my paternal grandmother; she...

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Survival Strategies

The Favourite and If Beale Street Could Talk

(January 24, 2019) Reviews THE FAVOURITE. Lanthimos is a writer and director of comedies not for the faint of heart. He makes movies I find hilarious; others seem to come away despondent at...

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Causes Noble and Lost

Replicas and On the Basis of Sex

(January 17, 2019) Reviews REPLICAS. It's been awhile since I've done this so I hope I can be forgiven for a degree of indelicacy, as the muscles may have atrophied: This movie sucks....

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Burning Secrets

Shoplifters and Burning

(January 10, 2019) Reviews In the gradual but somehow instantaneous acceleration of time, wherein it seems to expand and contract with no regard for our pleas and protestations, I have found my movie-nerdiness...

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To Look upon Monsters

The respective horrors of Vice and Bird Box

(January 3, 2019) Reviews First, a few words on Welcome to Marwen, which I have not seen and do not intend to. When trailers began to appear months ago, touting it as the...

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Stand-out Movies of 2018

And a toast to the end of empire

(December 27, 2018) Reviews I've been burning down what little is left of 2018, using ethanol for an accelerant as is my wont. But I've also, after all this time, been watching The...

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Sticking to the Story

The Mule, Green Book and Roma

(December 20, 2018) The Mule Reviews THE MULE. Because he works so much — with no indication of flagging now — Clint Eastwood's name comes up a lot in this column. I'll spare...

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Dark Horror, White Christmas

Cam and The Christmas Chronicles

(December 6, 2018) Reviews CAM. As excited and outspoken as I've been in recent years about contemporary horror movies, the genre's groundswell of creativity and renewed excitement at the theatrical experience, this weekend...

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Settling Debts

Widows and Creed 2

(November 29, 2018) Reviews WIDOWS. When an artist arrives at a mastery of his or her form, the resulting work sometimes also highlights the masterful efforts of fellow contributors. This is truer in...

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