Vacations from Hell

Vacations from Hell

Spider-man: Far from Home and Midsommar

(July 11, 2019) Reviews SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME. Way back in 2017 (time proves elastic, seems to have no real meaning) I was somewhat taken aback by how much I enjoyed the most...

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Yesterday is Sweet and Corny

And why the hell not?

(July 4, 2019) Reviews YESTERDAY. I wouldn't call Danny Boyle one of my favorite directors. He can tend toward narrative overreach, treacly sentimentality and visual excess. Still, he's been showing up and doing...

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Good Goth

Los Espookys and All is True

(June 27, 2019) Reviews LOS ESPOOKYS. Even as blockbuster movies continue spiraling into a pit of staleness — eight of the 10 highest-grossing films last week were remakes or sequels — streaming channels...

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Men Out of Time

Shaft and Rolling Thunder Revue

(June 20, 2019) Reviews SHAFT. Isaac Hayes' Theme from Shaft is a certified slapper (that's what the kids are calling them, right?). Trouble is, so is John Shaft, at least as characterized by...

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All Creatures Great and Small

Biggest Little Farm, Dark Phoenix and Secret Life of Pets 2

(June 13, 2019) Reviews THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM. John and Molly Chester give up city jobs and buy a dilapidated farm with the goal of a) keeping a promise to their dog and...

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Better than Maybe

Ali Wong and Randall Park take on the rom-com

(June 6, 2019) Reviews ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE. It can be challenging for me to find an entry point with romantic comedies. Not that I dislike them (though to be honest I would...

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Overachievers Gone Wild


(May 30, 2019) Reviews BOOKSMART. Unless you're one of those people who has the sun shining on them every day, high school can be tricky to navigate. Whether it's infuriating or merely...

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Man of the Hour

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

(May 23, 2019) Reviews JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 - PARABELLUM. As we struggle for footing on the shifting sands of national leadership in constant cartoon crisis, a broader geopolitical landscape tilting toward global...

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She Should Run

Long Shot and Nexflix's Ted Bundy biopic

(May 9, 2019) Reviews LONG SHOT. My wife has harbored a celebrity crush on Seth Rogen since long before he started showing up in good suits; this confounds and troubles me. But to...

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Adrift in the Marvel Universe

Endgame vs. the machine that made it

(May 2, 2019) Reviews AVENGERS: ENDGAME. Chemically unassisted sleep is, as a rule, challenging for me. It is the healthy, more reliable path by which to arrive at REM sleep (which everyone assures...

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Horse Power

The Mustang and Homecoming

(April 25, 2019) Reviews THE MUSTANG. Hope isn't the word for it, really, but then one should hardly go looking for hope in a prison movie. (Sorry, Shawshank fans). But The Mustang, the...

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Little Devils

Hellboy and Little

(April 18, 2019) Reviews HELLBOY. Sometimes one wants simply to be entertained: to sit in a dark room and be distracted — transported, ideally, but that's asking a lot — by a...

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The Ups and Downs of Supernatural Pet Ownership

Pet Sematary and Unicorn Store

(April 11, 2019) Reviews PET SEMATARY. I started reading Stephen King, well, probably too young. The phase receded in early-mid adolescence, although I have, as recently as this year, begun to revisit his...

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Life On the Road

The Dirt and The Highwaymen

(April 4, 2019) Reviews THE DIRT. Mötley Crüe has never been my thing; never been a "thing" at all for me, really. There's a bit of a generational discrepancy and by the time...

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Us Doubles Down

Triple Frontier retreats

(March 28, 2019) Reviews US. With the din of the unmitigated success of Get Out (2017) — including multiple Academy Award nominations and a win for best original screenplay — barely receding,...

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The F-Words

Shrill is a fun, fearless mess

(March 21, 2019) Reviews SHRILL. Hulu's recent fun-size six-episode series Shrill, which loosely fictionalizes Lindy West's autobiographical essay collection of the same name, is a collage of fun, brave and smart things that...

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